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Self isolation kids activities: 100+ things to do at home #31DaysOfLearning

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It is currently a difficult time for everyone – the situation is causing some of the best, and some of the worst reactions globally. From panic buying, to unbelievable acts of self sacrifice and kindness. But what are we all going to do with our children when we aren’t able to get out of the house? Here are some self isolation kids ideas for you. This will help you from going stir crazy if you do have to stay at home in self isolation to reduce contact in the coming weeks.

We’ve got 100 ideas for things to do at home with the kids today in the 31 Days of Learning on the site. You can also check out our BORED JAR PRINTABLE to go alongside this – there are more ideas there too.

Most of these ideas work best for 3-9 year olds – so check them all out and see which ones will work for you as activities for kids to do while they are stuck at home…and while you are too!. If you are looking for activities for teens, then do check out these thoughts from Actually Mummy and Who’s the Mummy.

And if you need supplies for any of these ideas for when you are stuck at home – don’t forget to check out Amazon, as you can pretty much get anything from there that you need! From gems to audiobooks (you can get 3 months for 99p at the moment)!

We do have suggestions below for nature art – but hopefully you will have enough supplies for these in your garden, or you can go for a walk sufficiently far away from others to keep socially isolated.

100 ideas for things to do at home with the kids! Check out the FREE printable!

We’ve got some wonderful ideas for you to try out; these are for kids aged 3-9 roughly, and as there are over 100 self isolation kids activities. You WILL find a good few that suit you and the kids.

We’ve got loads of links to our own activities, and plenty from others sites too. There has got to be some here that work for you and your family’s circumstances. And if you find more – pop them in the comments as well – let’s help each other to entertain where we can. And if you want something really fab – download our colouring book for the price of a coffee. This is a mindful colouring book for both adults and kids to keep you sane while you are stuck indoors!

Our list starts off with a couple of technical ideas (the easiest things to do if you have Amazon and Netflix), and then get into a few printable, and arts and crafts activities for everyone.

Some ideas you might need to buy the odd thing here, and there, but we have tried to keep things as simple as we can, as we know if you are stuck instead, you don’t want to have to order anything to get started with these activities if you can help it.

Let’s get technical

Tech things to do with kids
  1. Listen to an audiobook. If you haven’t used them before, check out Explore More Clean Less’s guide, and don’t forget to use Audible if you can too. They have, after all, got 3 months for only 99p at the moment!
  2. Binge-watch educational shows on NetflixHomeschool Hideout has 150 ideas for educational shows on there!

Printable activities

Printable actitivies for kids
  1. Do some mindful colouring with you and the kids – there is nothing like a bit of detailed colouring to chill out too: Hippo colouring sheets
  2. Go on an indoor scavenger hunt. Not sure what to look for, then Mama Teaches has it covered for you….and so does Rock Your Homeschool with a colour based scavenger hunt, one focused on finding numbers, and finally an alphabet based one!
  3. Play LEGO charades – this is a gorgeous printable game from Adventure in a Box
  4. Do some colour by numbersSimple Everyday Mom has some great Disney sheets for you
  5. Make some puppets, thanks to Moms & Crafters, and perhaps using these animal puppets from Real Life at Home
  6. Put on a puppet show – we’ve got everything you need on KiddyCharts for a finger puppet show in fact!
  7. Make your own shadow puppets if you would rather use these than your hands! There are some great templates for this on Adventure in a Box
  8. Colour your own building blocks mix and match game – this is brilliant from Moms & Crafters!
  9. Have a go at letter sorting: This is a gorgeous letter sorting activity based on hot chocolate – perfect to keep the kids entertained and oh so cute too! Thanks Fluffy Tots
  10. Learn about fruit and veg with this set of activities from Kool Kids Games
  11. Set up an indoor treasure hunt. Use anything you have lying around to act as “treasure. Alternatively, you can use our Lolipop Emoji characters (if you have some Lolipops) and hide them!
  12. Make a Unicorn – this is a free printable activity from Printable Crush
  13. Explore spring with this set of worksheets from Kool Kids Games
  14. Have fun with play dough mats: Play dough is great for keeping kids busy, and we do have recipe ideas for it later in the list, but if you have some already. Check our our Play dough mats for some creative fun. And if they aren’t enough for you – what about these ones from Fun Learning for Kids too?
  15. Pretend to be a spy: We’ve got a great spy kit on KiddyCharts – and it even comes with a finger print set!

Science ideas

Science ideas for kids
  1. Get busy with a balloon and some backing soda: Simple balloon science experiment
  2. Bounce an egg! A great idea from Twinderelmo
  3. Do some fizzy painting – this is a great STEM activity from Taming Little Monsters
  4. Create and use some Makerspace task cards, a great ideas from Blooming Brilliant
  5. Learn about animal habitats with our animal habitats sorting game here on KiddyCharts,,,and then…
  6. Have fun with some Arctic animals (!): Obviously we can’t GO there, but this set of worksheets on Artic animals are loads of fun for younger kids. So why not take a look on Fluffy Tots
  7. Make rainbow walking water: This is a gorgeous looking activity and so simple to do from Fun Learning for Kids
  8. Create an orange volcano: a simple and fun science experiment and you should have. all the ingredients to hand too. Thanks The Art Kit
  9. Teach the kids about germs – why not use this as. a learning opportunity. Messy Little Monsters has a perfect game to do this
  10. Build a playdough model – take the play dough model building challenge with The Preschool Toolbox
  11. Build a model with some FIMO; why not try this Bunny for Easter? Or anything that works for you
  12. Build something that floats! Some great ideas here from Fireflies and Mudpies
  13. Make some straw rockets: there are lovely ideas from Artsy Fartsy Mama
  14. Build a gingerbread house: this is a good STEM challenge actually – and The STEM Mum has the perfect way to do it

Indoor play ideas

Indoor play ideas for kids
  1. Keep the kids reading – reading is OBVIOUSLY a key thing to do at home, but what happens if the library is shut? Walking by the Way has some thoughts here, and don’t forget our reading certificates to keep the interest up too!
  2. Make an action cube; like this Dinosaur gross motor one from The Chaos and the Clutter
  3. Set up and have fun with a matching activity. Two Hearts and One Roof have an excellent one involving the alphabet, and KiddyCharts have a colouring matching activity with clowns
  4. Grab some LEGO and have fun with it – everyone has LEGO around the house right? Then BUILD something, and if you are stuck for inspiration, check out Artsy Fartsy Mama for some ideas. Or you could try our LEGO Maths eBook too!
  5. Set up a play shop – who doesn’t want to play shop? Mama Smiles gives you some inspiration on this too
  6. Have a tea party: Everyone loves a tea party – and maybe if you have a little more time, you can give it a theme, so perhaps a Victorian Tea Party or a Monster Tea Party from Science Sparks. These might be good ideas for a winter kids’ party too.
  7. Get busy with board games: There are SO MANY wonderful board games that you might want to try. We’ve got our top 10 board games BUT
  8. Make your own board game: If you don’t want to buy one, which not make your own – we’ve got this great idea on KiddyCharts and
  9. Make your own local Monopoly: Why not take it s step further and make your own local Monopoly set? This set is a great way to think about your local community, while having fun at the same time
  10. Play a bubble game. Perhaps something like blowing bubbles in your brew from JDaniel4’s Mum
  11. Make your own Wordsearch, and if your kids are a little older; what about a crossword…
  12. Create a colour collage – this is a lovely simple idea for both play and crafts; this is a yellow colour collage from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds
  13. Have some fun with iceChilds Play ABC has 7 different ideas to try
  14. Get the kids moving by playing with colours; some excellent gross motor ideas on Still Playing School
  15. Help the kids connect with their emotions with activities from Less Refined Mind
  16. Have a game of Button Golf. This is a brilliant idea from JDaniel4’s Mum
  17. Make up a story. You can even use Story Stones for this like Less Refined Mind suggests
  18. Go fishing! Yep – you CAN go fishing indoors, to find out how, pop along to Best Toys 4 Toddlers and see their ingenious idea for fishing for toddlers

Get them in the kitchen

Kitchen activities for kids
  1. Make some Gruffalo Crumble!
  2. Make a simple milkshake: We love a milkshake, and this is so easy, the kids can do it – a simple Vanilla milkshake
  3. Make a cress caterpillar; such a cute idea from Daisies and Pie
  4. Have a go at making butter. This is a great activity from Ready Freddie Go.
  5. Make a layered jelly egg – an EaSter activity, BUT you could relaly do this anytime. Details on A Mum Reviews

Perfect paper craft ideas

Perfect paper craft ideas
  1. Make paper spinners; a gorgeous paper craft idea from Red Ted Art
  2. Make a card, or just any card for friend and family; some great ideas for Easter cards from Twins and Travel
  3. Make a paper aeroplane: Yes this is simple, but it doesn’t need to end just there. Check out The Best Ideas for Kids for ideas on how to keep them busier for longer while they make them
  4. Make paper animals: You have plenty of scope here from a paper snail from Pickle Bums to this lovely Origami owl from Easy, Peasy and Fun.
  5. Make a handbag: This is a watermelon one from Party with Unicorns and will cheer them up no end!
  6. Make some jewellery: Once you have your handbag (!); how about some jewellery, pr specifically some tin foil bangles, to go in it from Best Toys 4 Toddlers
  7. Make a paper monster: this is a gorgeous little activity from Baby Budgeting
  8. Make a paper fruit basket: If you think the paper aeroplane is too simple, what about this instead from The Joy Sharing
  9. Fold a multi-coloured paper spinner: You do need 6 different coloured paper sheets for this – but worth ordering from Amazon and having a go as this is a gorgeous craft from Pickle Bums
  10. Make a marble run: You can make your own marble run with building blocks, or perhaps cardboard tubes like Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls. Hopefully you can find enough cardboard tubes….
  11. Make a paper plate animal: Most people have paper plates lying about the house from one birthday party or another. If you don’t there are loads available on Amazon. When you have some make some amazing paper plate animals with the kids

Arts and crafts activities

Arts and crafts activities
  1. Make some salt dough – and then create something with it; how about these lovely salt dough hearts from Red Ted Art
  2. And if that isn’t enough – make some play dough too! This is a simple play dough recipe here from Simple Everyday Mom, and another super soft play dough recipe here from Artsy Fartsy Mama too
  3. Make a play dough flower garden: Once you have your play dough – follow the instructions on Best Toys 4 Toddlers to make a flower garden with it
  4. Make kinetic sand – if you are brave enough! Artsy Fartsy Mama has a great DIY recipe for you to try out with ingredients you should already have at home
  5. Get them learning their letters through active, but low energy play. This is such a gorgeous activity from Hollybobs
  6. Make your own Stick Man – from the classic Julia Donaldson book thanks to Sun Hats and Wellie Boots. And when you have finished, go check out our printable Stick Man activities too!Play with chalk – Moms and Crafters has an idea to keep them busy; a chalk town!
  7. Make some scratch art: Excellent heart based one here from Rebel Tribe Blog
  8. Make your own dominoes: Obviously you can just draw and cut some out, but this ideas from The Art Kit Blog is great. You can use Perler Beads or Hama Beads for this.
  9. Paint a birdhouse. Simple but very cute little activity for toddlers from Grace, Giggles and Naptime
  10. Make a mini catapult. Stlmotherhood has loads of ideas for lollipop stick catapults (Or popsicle stick catapults depending on whether you are in the UK or the US!)
  11. Try some process art – what about Rainbow Lighting from Taming Little Monsters
  12. Use handprints to make something cool; what about these bunnies from Simple Everyday Mom
  13. Use footprints to make something even cooler! Once you have made something cool with your handprints, what about making something with your footprints – like these puppets from Fun Hand Print Art
  14. Create with cardboard: We all know everyone loves a cardboard box – but what about exploring cardboard a bit further with this Cardboard shapes activity from My Bored Toddler, or maybe just using the cardboard as a bit of canvas as Mama Smiles suggests
  15. Make a sensory bin; Toots Mom is Tired has a crayon one, Active Littles and Messy Little Monsters have great ideas for ones with rice, and Taming Little Monsters has a sensory bin with counting carrots
  16. Make sensory fairy marks – thanks to Arthurwears
  17. Make yourself a rainbow! How about this foam one from Hollybobs?
  18. Make some alphabet gems This is a lovely activity from Artsy Fartsy Mama

Thread and sewing activities

Thread and sewing activities self isolation kids activities
  1. Make some pom poms, and then some animals, like this Fox from Red Ted Art
  2. Do some embroidery – and here are 10 simple designs for kids to do from Swoodson Says
  3. Make friendship bracelets; a perfect activity from Red Ted Art with thread, and Simplify Create Inspire has a tutorial too
  4. Teach the kids to sew, and get them going on a simple project – there are 20 ideas here from Swoodson Says
  5. Have fun with Rainbow threading: this is a lovely simple activity from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds to improve motor skills, and to keep them busy too!
  6. Create a spider web obstacle courseMama Smiles has come up with some FABULOUS ideas for using thread to keep the kids moving and busy – check this out.

Garden and nature art activities

Garden and nature art activities
  1. Get out into the garden: There are loads of things to do in the garden – why not try some of these out from No Time for Flashcards
  2. Get rock painting: Rock painting is a simple idea, and hopefully you can find some in your garden easily s well… Check out Rhythms of Play for some ideas
  3. Grow your own Jack in the Beanstalk – and make a LEGO Jack to go with it; a charming activity from Sun Hats & Wellie Boots
  4. Make a sunflower – this is a lovely simple idea from Real Life at Home
  5. Make leaf prints; some ideas for this from Growing Family
  6. Make a magical tracking stick for your garden – an activity on KiddyCharts
  7. Have a Dinosaur Dig – a lovely ideas from Living Life and Learning
  8. Do some indoor bird-watching; Take Them Outside has ideas for this, and KiddyCharts have got a bird feeder you can make, alongside more birdwatching ideas!
  9. Create nature artTaming Little Monsters has a wonderful idea for hammering flower art
  10. Make a twig boat – this is another nature craft from Baby Budgeting
  11. Make a yarn stick from Simple Parenting

Finally something for you….

Mindful colouring for adults and kids: wild animals book self isolation kids activities
  1. Free mindful adult colouring pages: And obviously you need to stay sane while you are looking after the kids – so check these free adult colouring pages out for yourself too. Just so you can!

If there aren’t enough self isolation kids activities for you – I’m fainting! 😂🤣😂

Here is a printable checklist…

So there you go – all those amazing ideas and self isolation kids activities, and here is a printable checklist for you all so that you can tick of all of these wonderful things to do at home with kids as you go through them!

100 ideas for things to do at home with the kids! Check out the FREE printable! Self isolation kids activities.

We will keep on producing printables for you too – so do sign up to the newsletter so you keep on getting them every single week into your inbox. We also have a daily subscription too if you want one as well!

Thanks as always for reading and stay safe.

Take care,


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