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Spring activities

Spring is a season we all tend to love. It signals the end of the long, dark, and harsh winters, and with it it brings hope. We love spring too, which is why we wanted to have a page dedicated to all the lovely things that we have for you on the site. Our spring activities will inspire your kids and inspire you too!

Let’s take a look at the lovely spring goodies that we have for you on the site, ok?

With spring comes enjoying life in the great outdoors. And with the great outdoors comes a lot of fun for the kids. Here are some of the activities that we have for you to enjoy either outdoors or that are nature related.

We also have a lot of arts and crafts and activities for your kids to enjoy summer. Take a look …

Lastly, take a look at a few of the lovely printables that we have for you on the site. We have so many fun activities for the kids to enjoy, so why not print out some to work through today?

Here are some to look at;

We hope that you have found a lot of spring activities to inspire your kids and keep them busy and learning. Enjoy and hope to see your printables and activities on social media. Tag us using #KiddyCharts if you do!

Spring worksheets: Writing prompts for kids

This set of spring worksheets is FREE to you if you are a member of our Time to Pee membership club, so why not join today just by giving us your email? It is completely free to do so! Do consider our other options too and everything in our shop is then free 😍 We have some gorgeous spring worksheets for you today – including some great spring writing prompts to get the kids creative juices flowing around the season. This consists of 11 pages of fun, with a number of different prompts for the kids based around pictures, and …

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