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Nature crown activity for kids #31daysofactivities

In today’s #31daysofactivities post we have a post for a lovely nature crown activity. This post is brought to you by Kaz from The 3am Diary. Let’s find out how to make this lovely and fun activity for kids, shall we?

Are you looking for a fun activity with the kids for the Jubilee weekend, or for half term ideas exploring the outdoors? Our nature crown craft is a simple and fun way to spend time together, both indoors and out, while giving children the time to play and learn through nature.

Once you’ve made your crown, the opportunities for play are endless, whether you want to role-play royalty, maybe set up your own afternoon tea party for the Jubilee or make some as gifts for friends and family to all enjoy together.

The joy of these crowns is there are no right or wrong ways to make them, meaning kids of all ages can get involved, then use their imaginations in their creations.

We also love this for a time-filler for a playdate, as you can tire them out by running around outdoors, then give them some quiet time indoors with the activity – as well as something to take home too!

What you’ll need

  • Nature’s treasures
  • Card or brown paper (rummage through the recycling, safely!)
  • Scissors (grown-ups may need to help with this)
  • Double-sided tape or glue
  • Brown tape (optional)

How to make your nature crown

Before you get started on the crafting, go out and explore! Why not start your morning by getting outdoors together and seeing what you can find? Whether it’s the local park, woodlands or your back garden, see what treasures you can find.

If you’re looking for a bigger challenge, why not download a free scavenger hunt from and find the items on there for your crown? You could crown yourself the king/queen of the scavenger hunt!

Twigs, sticks, leaves, coloured petals (make sure you’re allowed to pick them first!), long grass, whatever you can find. Try to find different lengths, colours, textures to create your very special crown.

When you get home, get a grown-up to help create your crown base. Lay out the card or brown paper to make sure it is long enough to go around your head, draw along the width and length that you need, then cut (make sure a grown-up is supervising!) along the lines. Again, there’s no right or wrong base – you could have a tall crown, short crown, wiggly crown or even a zig zag! Make sure it is long enough to overlap at the end

Tip: if you’re using paper, double it over if you can as that can help make it stronger to hold all your treasure!

Make sure the paper or card is flat, then cover in glue or use a strip of double-sided tape to cover the outside of your crown.

Here’s the fun part… get creative! Stick on your leaves, twigs, petals and whatever you found on your adventures. There really is no right or wrong way to do it – just watch sharp ends if you have small children. Maybe you like to line things up in height order, or maybe you’d like to mix up the lengths – go wild and have fun!

If you’ve used glue, you may need to leave your masterpiece to dry. A bit of brown tape over the top once it has dried can keep heavier treasures in place.

When you’re ready, get a grown-up to help set your crown in place. You could use brown tape to stick the ends together, or a piece of string/garden twine can also be handy if you made a little hole in the ends to tie it together.

Finished! What adventures will your nature crown take you on? Whether it’s a Jubilee party, a playdate with friends or even a trip to a real-life castle, the opportunities are endless!

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