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Going vegetarian is a change that many families adopt. It can be a more realistic change to many people’s lifestyles than going full on vegan. Although the change isn’t about doing things half-way, many people choose to be vegetarian for many reasons. Whatever your prerogative may be we want to give you the options to be able to give your family a menu that they will enjoy. Check out our easy vegetarian recipes!

Vegetarian pasta recipes for kids

If your kids like pasta, then why not make them some of our vegetarian pasta recipes? Get your kids to eat anything with our creative recipes, such as our strawberries and cream pasta recipe. Sure, you may be a bit dubious but you will find that this recipe is different and fun! Your kids will definitely like to eat their pasta this way, just give it a try.

Or if a more traditional pasta recipe is what you would prefer to go for, keep it simple yet delicious with a simple tomato pasta recipe for kids.

Vegetarian desserts

Why not treat your family with a Battenberg cake? This cake is actually really lovely to look at, and it’s just as tasty, too! Technically, it’s a vegan recipe, but it’s lovely and we know you will enjoy it a lot too.

Why go vegetarian and not vegan?

Speaking of being vegan we know some of you may wonder what the difference is between going vegan and vegetarian. Sure, these are both very popular diets and lifestyles now but some people are still new and would like to know more.

The simple way to explain it for many is that vegans avoid all products derived from animals, where as vegetarians still opt to eat eggs, milk, and honey. This can be because they find that these products can be obtained without cruelty to the animals. Though some people tend to differ.

What we aim to do is to help you find resources, recipes, and help to suit your family’s lifestyle.