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A group of children are gathered around a laptop, exploring the Shelf Care online kids bookclub for wellbeing.

Sign up now for free activities, eBooks, and audio books designed to help kids with their wellbeing – we’ve even got exclusive offers for Readly, and giveaways from time to time too. We give away 5 copies of each book each month too, the physical version.

To buy any of the previous books, there are over a year’s worth now, visit our Amazon Bookstore:

We don’t want to give you too much info at once on here, so just sign up and you’ll get all the info you need in your inbox in a few hours.

Just so you know, the latest books are listed below – you can access the current month on sign up. We have over 12 books in our series now – and they all help kids in some way with their emotions. Most importantly though, they are FUN!

Do check out the other books and activities, and visit them out on Amazon if you would like the books to do alongside reading the books:

  • April 2024: The Cat who Couldn’t be Bothered, a beautifully illustrated book helping us understand that sadness can show up in different ways
  • March 2024: I Love Books, a fabulous book all about encouraging reading, and an open mind to doing hard things building resilience,
  • Feb 2024: Thing at 52 (a book to help kids understand grief and loss, as well as loneliness and friendship),
  • Jan 2024: Lunar New Year (all about the Chinese New Year),
  • Dec 2023: Monsters at Christmas (a fun frolic through Christmas with some wonderfully monstrous characters!),
  • Nov 2023: Lost (providing a little help to your kids if they are lost, both emotionally and physically!),
  • Oct 2023: Once Upon a Witch’s Broom (helping children to understand that failure isn’t all bad),
  • Sept 2023: One Little Word (focusing on the power of the word sorry),
  • Aug 2023: The Hare-Shaped Hole (helping kids understand grief),
  • July 2023: We’ve Got This (a book all about empathy),
  • June 2023: What a Day (Mindful moment for bedtime),
  • May 2023: Courage Out Loud (Encouraging our kids to be brave),
  • Apr 2023: Hot Cross Bunny (A story about Easter and friendship),
  • Mar 2023: Our Tower (Illustrating the power of community), and finally
  • Our launch book – Feb 2023: Beware of the Blue Bagoo (Showing how important it is not to take things at face value).

We really hope you love the club, so do let us know if you get a moment.

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