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What a Day activity sheets: Mindful moments at bedtime for kids

Believe it or not its time for our June Shelf Care activity sheets, and sign up, if you aren’t already in the club! We have another wonderful book for you to explore with the kids for free this month; What a Day by Emma Ballantine, Mark Strepan, and illustrated by Harriet Hobday. So don’t forget to sign up so you get access to the book! This book is all about sharing mindful moments at bedtime for kids and their adults. Come on in and check it out today….

We have a wonderful 12-page activity pack for you to use alongside the book, as always, so that you can explore it together. This book is designed as a mindful moments at bedtime book for children, any age and anywhere. Grab your kids, and a comfy seat, and take a look!

This image is depicting a book cover for a mindful activity pack for kids, created by Emma Ballantine and Mark Strepan and published by Quarto Publishing plc in 2023.

What is What a Day all about?

This magnificent bedtime book is an authentic escape to a peaceful world with your children: whether they are teens or ittle ones.

In this image, Emma Ballantine and Mark Strepan are joining Harriet Hobday for a mindful moment before bedtime.

We do suspect that the teens might need a little encourqagement to embrace it as a mindful resource: but it IS worth giving it a go.

The book combines the most silky artwork and a musical story to help your child drift off to a beautiful sleep.

Under Andrea Grace’s expert guidance as a sleep consultant, the book features mindful content that teaches children and parents alike the value of reflection before sleep. Each turn of the page inspires a smile, for the bravery of facing the day and the anticipation of more adventures coming the next morning.

Sign up to the Shelf Care book club, and get your eBook for free, and you are also in with a chance of getting a hard copy as well of course for all the further books in the club. More information on the shelf care book club is on the site, alongside the Shelf Care giveaway that we have this month:

Show me the mindful moments at bedtime activity sheets

For our first set of three pages, we have three colouring sheets with a double page within the book, and the cover of the book. We aren’t sharing the cover for the activity pack with you today, as it is the usual book cover of course!

We have chosen two of the wonderful illustrations from Harriet Hobday to include within the pack today, that explore how we have been at one with nature, mindfully, during the course of the day.

Being mindful is all about being in the present moment rather than letting our thoughts and concerns fun away with us, either thinking about the past, or worrying about the future. How we feel currently is how we feel, and we have the power within ourselves to accept those feelings, and they will pass, just as they always have. Nature is a fabulous way of practising being in the moment, and going on a nature walk can help in mindfulness.

For our next two activities within the pack, we are asking your children to think of what they have seen above them in the sky during the day, or on anything day. You can use this as a mindful activity:

  • Ask them to close their eyes,
  • Gently suggest they think of a moment recently when they were walking outside in nature,
  • What did they see, hear and feel above them,
  • Ask them to imagine it, and the sount it makes, and just listen for a moment, and then,
  • Ask them to draw what it was they remembered, or to draw something that they know could be above them or around them when they are out and about.

After this, why not think about something that happened today, or yesterday that you loved, and write about it. If they cannot think of anything – why not ask them to write about something that they might like to happen over the next few days or weeks?

Bedtime routine flashcards

We KNOW it can be tough sometimes with children, helping them to understand what needs to be done at bedtime, particularly if they are neurodiverse. Here are a set of simple and cute flash cards to help you with that bedtime routine. Your children can put them in order, and it will help them to understand what comes next, removing some of that anxiety and overwhelm at this time of the day.

There are eight cards – and we have added in a special one for gratitude to add to your day to create some positivity within those mindful moments.

Our gratitude activity, hand breathing and a poster for the kids

The last three pages including a mindful breathing exercise that kids can do with their hand. This exercise helps them focus on the current moment. Another of our sheets is a gratitude exercise to do before bed, perhaps after reading the books. The last sheet in the activity pack is a poster that you can put on the wall. This poster includes a quote to remind you, and your children how important our words and actions are, so be mindful of them all.

That’s the final sheets within our What a Day activity pack – so you want to download it no, don’t you?

Click on the button or the image below, and we will give you a PDF of the sheets above:


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Thanks for coming to see us today. We hope you come back to the site for more fabulous ideas and activities over the coming days and months.

Take care,

This image is promoting a free activity pack for a book called "What a Day" by Emma Ballantine and Mark Strepan, published in 2023 by Quarto Publishing.

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