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Parenting Tips

14 books to help your kids have a better night’s sleep! #BathBookBed

We are bringing you some great ideas to get your kids to sleep today! And that should inspire anyone… We have seen a great initiative from The BookTrust charity, and wanted to share their ideas with you. BookTrust’s Bath, Book, Bed is back for its third year! The campaign aims to help ease the strain […]

by Helen • April 19, 2018
Many women are curious on how pregnancy gives effects to them, babies, families, and people around. Today I would like to share some pregnancy facts that will surprise you.
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20 pregnancy facts that will surprise you (and maybe even the baby!)

Pregnancy has is one of the most important times in a woman’s life. Sometimes pregnancy surprises us all; the changes in our bodies, both good and bad. But what are the real Pregnancy Facts?!? Today we would like to share with you some pregnancy facts that will really surprise you. Pregnancy facts that will surprises […]

by Helen • February 7, 2018
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Meet the four key nasties that might be lurking in your kids computer NOW! #SaferInternetDay

Safer Internet Day is a great day to get to know the nasties lurking in your computer – but #saferinternetday shouldn’t be the only time that we teach, and learn, about those malwares and computer viruses that can inhabit and sabotage our PCs… Meet the Malwares from Into Film on Vimeo. This film is a collaboration […]

by Helen • February 6, 2018
Make sure you vote for your babysitter of the year with - com on, give them a pat on the back!
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Give your babysitter a pat on the back in the Babysitter of the Year Awards

Finally, us parents can give our babysitter’s a bit of a virtual pat on the back with the first Babysitter of the Year Awards from << But HURRAY voting in the Babysitter of the Year awards closes on the 25th January! >> Di your kids have a favourite sitter; one that lets them do […]

by Helen • January 22, 2018
How Buddhist principles can rely help calm your kids
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How Buddhist principles can help calm your kids

Anxiety is normal response to the up and downs of daily life, for children and adults alike. It is neither good nor bad, right or wrong, it’s just a feeling and arises for a reason, it is information about one’s present experience in a particular context. How a child learns to process and relate to […]

by Helen • November 15, 2017
5 tips to encourage early reading
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5 tips to encourage early reading

Beanstalk, the children’s literacy charity, in partnership with LuCiD and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, has devised Story Starters, a new programme that enables pre-school children to become ready to read. Each child will receive a 20 minute, one to one session with a reading helper twice a week as well as a free book for […]

by Sarah Pickstone • November 8, 2017
7 tips to get Dad involved with your new baby
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New Dad: Practical tips for helping to get your partner involved

We have a guest post today to help new dads from Sarah Norris, who has just published a new book; The Baby Detective; very much designed to help us try to work out what the hec is going on in those first few months of our little one’s lives. Play detective to your babies’ needs; […]

by Sarah Norris • October 25, 2017
Separation Anxiety
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Separation Anxiety: 5 reasons why you need to recognise it in your child

We have a guest post todayon Separation Anxiety, which is a very real problem for both parents and children alike. Stacey Turner is the author of a series of books designed to help with a number of childhood first such as going to nursery; My Tiny Book (available from Amazon) Separation anxiety is the anxiety […]

by Stacey Turner • October 18, 2017
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5 benefits of Delta Wave Music for babys brain development

Parenthood is a wonderful time in our lives. For some parents, it starts off as a bit challenging, while some have a natural ability to breeze through it. Watching your baby grow and develop from early in your pregnancy right up until the day they leave for college is truly a remarkable journey. The most […]

by Jim Stevens • October 11, 2017
Reading Eggs is a great way for the kids to learn to read - and we've got a free trial for FIVE weeks for you - pop along an find out more!
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5 ways tech can help reluctant readers: FREE 5 week Reading Eggs trial!

This is a sponsored article (with Reading Eggs – including a FREE 5 week trial for YOU in September), but all advice is heart-felt as I have a reluctant reader (my son), and I know that all of these things have worked for me. We still struggle to get him to read sometimes, but it […]

by Helen • September 7, 2017