Parenting Tips

Here are my top tips for using narrative and stories to support your children to find their voice.
Parenting Tips

How to support your children to find their voice through books and stories

As a parent or educator you will know children have plenty to say!! However, sometimes kids simply can’t find the words to express themselves. As a parent you may intuitively know there is something bothering your child but you also know if you ask them what’s wrong they are unlikely to tell you explicitly as […]

by Helen • May 24, 2017
Why you kids are REALLY out of bed - because you really don't need them to be of course! See the blog for more real KiddyCharts.
Parenting Tips

Real KiddyCharts #2: Why your kid is out of bed

Kids are experts at procrastination, and nothing shows this better than when you are trying to get them to go to bed in the evening, or for a nap. I want a glass of water. I’m too hot. I’m too cold. The dressing gown on the back of the door is scaring me. I’ve lost my […]

by Helen • March 22, 2017
Be loud and proud and go for bright colours, and love yourself when your choose your swimming costume. Its got to be done!
Parenting Tips

Five top tips for buying a swimming costume for self-conscious mums

I HATE exercise, with a passion. The ONLY form that has ever worked for me is swimming, having started to swim a few years ago now, it really is the own thing that I do to keep fit that has stood the test of time. The hardest thing when I first started though, was to […]

by Helen • March 3, 2017
10 tips mindfulness can help you be a better parent
Parenting Tips

10 ways mindfulness can help you be a better parent

How mindfulness can help you parent? Most of us are probably familiar with the idea that mindfulness can help us stay calm and less stressed, but it may not be completely clear how mindfulness can be especially useful to parents – and how you might go about raising it in the first place. Here are […]

by Helen • February 24, 2017
Last Xmas Delivery Dates for you all - more on the post so you don't miss them!
Parenting Tips

Last order dates for top UK stores this Xmas!

We love to help you out, so check THIS out – the last order dates for all the key stores, including the toy ones this Christmas. Don’t let it be said we don’t do great stuff for you all, right? Thanks to the awesome voucher site, vouchercodes pro, from providing these to us. If you […]

by Helen • December 19, 2016
There are only two things you need to be a successful parent
Parenting Tips

The only two things you need to be a successful parent

Is There a Secret to Successful Parenting? Over the years I’ve had more people than you would think ask me if there’s some particular thing they can do to ensure they get parenting right. They never used the word ‘secret,’ but that desire for a key or some other magic piece of information to unlock […]

by Annie the Nanny's Behaviour Intervention Services • November 25, 2016
Teaching Kids to be Nice
Parenting Tips

Teaching kids to be nice

Everyone wants nice kids and as parents, we’re acutely aware of those moments of awkwardness when our child behaves in a way that makes us red faced and want to crawl under the table. You know, at parties when they nick the last cookie or when they have a temper tantrum in full view of […]

by Annie the Nanny's Behaviour Intervention Services • August 17, 2016
How you can save on energy costs by switching suppliers
Parenting Tips

Keeping energy costs low – it pays to switch

Keeping your fuel costs under control isn’t an easy task when you are running a household; not least because sometimes you can’t quite keep a lid on those sneaky little costs that add up when you have small people around: Extra electricity for all the cups of tea you need to reheat, Higher lighting costs […]

by Helen • July 15, 2016
how to talk to kids about money so they will listen
Parenting Tips

How to talk to kids about money so they listen

“And at the start of the fiscal year the economy retracted, which lead to a downturn in…” is exactly not how to talk to kids about money! Get on their level, make it interesting to them and relevant, and I promise you have made your job a whole lot easier. How to talk to kids about […]

by Helen • June 17, 2016
How to teach finance to your toddler. Make your children money savvy! Start today
Parenting Tips

Teaching kids about money: Getting your toddler to understand

Teaching kids about money – make your toddler finance savvy It’s never too early to ensure your children appreciate the value of money.  Not that your child should know the ins and outs of your mortgage, but rather that most things in life come with a monetary value. When I was little my father played […]

by Helen • May 25, 2016