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We all use our 5 senses through out our lives, and our kids even more so. Sensory play basically entails activities that help your kids stimulate their senses. Using your senses helps you learn best and even allows you to better retain information. Which is why it’s essential for our kids to engage in sensory play.

We have a lot of sensory play activities to help you engage and develop all of your kids senses. Let’s take a look at what you can find in this section of our site to help develop your kids senses.

One of the popular sensory play activities involving taste is our fun dinosaur dig. This is actually a lot of fun for kids to do because it allows them to engage touch as well as giving them a fun edible treat.

Touch is the most popular sense that is stimulated during sensory sessions activities. And we have a lot of those activities for you and your kids to work through.

Here are some of the most popular ones on the site;

When we speak about sensory sessions we think about touch and the other senses that we are used to;

  • Sight,
  • Smell,
  • Taste, and,
  • Sound.

And engaging each one of those senses helps our little ones develop their mind and body.

We also have some tips to help you, like helping you with 10 ways to incorporate sensory play into the playroom.

We hope that you find a lot of inspiration and enjoy the site.