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Africa is often called the motherland as it’s known as the birthplace of the human race. Many of us want to learn more about this magical place and yearn to take our kids to see it’s splendour. If you dream of family holidays in Africa it’s time to start ticking off those locations from your travel bucket list. We hope that you can find some advice and tips to help you make your dreams of visiting Africa come to fruition.

With so much to offer, Africa offers a variety of holiday options and different things that you can see and do.

One of the best places to visit, in our experience has been Mauritius so we have a sneak peek of some of our Mauritius content for you. But if you want to visit Tanzania, we have some advice on 5 of the best family activities to do in Tanzania as well.


If you want to make your way to Mauritius with the family, take a look at these tips to make family travel work for you.

Africa has so much for you to see and do. And the wildlife and nature are absolutely top notch! If you want more travel tips and advice do check out the page and find out more of what you can do together on your family holidays in Africa.

Remember that we have advice for you on different locations worldwide so do check our main travel page and find activities to do on every continent.