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We know morning can be hectic in most households. Wait, who are we kidding, in all households. This is why we want to try and reduce the stress that morning can entail by giving you some breakfast ideas that will help make things simpler for your family.

Instead of running around wondering what you will feed the kids during your already busy mornings, consider trying out some of the recipes on the site.

We have varied ideas, but why not try some delicious raspberry and apple breakfast muffins? They are a tasty treat and also a convenient, but healthy option. And that’s truly what you need to try and get into a routine of having breakfast on the daily.

Why is breakfast important?

Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day for good reason. It breaks the overnight fasting period, which then means that your kids can get their energy replenished and be alert for school.

Our brain is like our muscles in the sense that it requires food for fuel, just as muscles do. A difference being that although the body can use food that is stored for energy, our brain needs a fresh supply of energy from our meals. And ensuring that you give it the fuel that it needs by having a good breakfast is crucial to get it working as it should.

Another great benefit is that if your kids are fed breakfast this will curb their appetite. Thus keeping their body to a meal time schedule and helping them make wiser food choices not only in their childhood, but later on in life too.

We hope our breakfast ideas help your family stay on the right track and ready to face the day!