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Track Me Reward Charts

1. Personalise

2. Theme

Select the overall theme (background image) for your chart to suit your child's personality.
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3. Choose reward

Select the treat for completing the chart.

Reward Preview:
Reward Preview

We do hope that this like these track me reward charts. They are not only a fun and interactive way to encourage positive behaviour in children, but they also have numerous benefits for their overall development. One of the most notable advantages of these charts is that we have a few different designs to suit your child. This makes them even more effective in promoting good habits and behaviours in kids.

By having their own name on the chart, children feel a sense of ownership and pride over their progress. This personalisation factor also makes them more likely to stick to the chart and be motivated to achieve their goals. Additionally, with four unique designs to choose from, parents can select one that perfectly matches their child’s interests and preferences.

What sets these reward charts apart from others is that they are FREE printable sticker charts. This means parents can easily print them out at home without any added cost or hassle. Moreover, this feature allows for easy customisation as parents can add specific tasks or goals depending on their child’s needs.

With our website offering a variety of free printable reward charts, parents can save both time and money while still providing their children with an engaging tool for positive reinforcement.

The image is showing a colorful chart with numbers and stars, which is designed to help children track their progress and achievements.

How to use our reward charts: a brief guide

Now let’s talk about how to use these reward charts effectively.

Firstly, it is essential to involve your child in the process of setting goals and marking progress on the chart. This will give them a sense of ownership and responsibility towards their behaviour.

Secondly, make sure to choose realistic goals that are specific and measurable so that your child can see tangible progress.

Lastly, be consistent in using the chart and praising your child’s efforts towards achieving their goals.

In conclusion, these personalised track me reward charts with four unique designs provide a fun and effective way to promote positive behaviours in children. And with the added benefits of being printable, free, and customisable, they are truly a valuable tool for every parent. So why wait? Start using these reward charts today and watch your child thrive in their behaviours and habits.

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