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Choosing a family holiday is always a dilemma, especially when kids and parents want to do different things. Discover some of our family and kids holiday ideas and get essential travel advice and tips to keep children entertained during long summer road trips. KiddyCharts gives you impartial advice on holidays in the sun, and the snow, and will hopefully help you make the right decision when booking your next family holiday abroad or at home.

Gullfoss, Iceland
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Visiting Iceland – Five stunning ways to connect with nature on a family trip

We are BIG on experiences, and creating memories on any holidays that we have together as a family. Our recent holiday to Antigua proved a hugely positive experience, but we wanted to explore a country nearer home, but just as rich in natural phenomenon. We hadn’t considered visiting Iceland before, but we are always keen to search […]

by Helen • February 24, 2017
The main beach on the Verandah Resort and Spa was big enough for the kids to find enough to entertain them, and to make it easy to find your own space in the sun.
Family holiday locations & tips

Review: Verandah Resort and Spa, Antigua

Our trip to Antigua was made even more enjoyable by the time we spent at our resort in the two weeks we played in the sun. The Verandah Resort and Spa is a luxurious all inclusive resort, that we found was perfect for the kids. However, it seemed to suit most of the people that were […]

by Helen • September 9, 2016
Reef underwater scene from stock photos.
Family holiday locations & tips

Visiting Cades Bay and snorkelling in Cades Reef, Antigua

Antigua still had secrets to reveal to us in our second week there, and this excursion, from South Coast Horizons to Cades Bay in Kayaks, which enabled us to snorkel in Cades Reef, meant we saved the best of our three excursions to last. Our Island Safari with Stingray City, and the trip to D-Boat, […]

by Helen • September 6, 2016
Bettys Hope is a former sugar plantation with a museum telling the history of sugar and slavery on the Island. Its well worth a visit, particularly to show children about some of the uglier parts to our history.
Family holiday locations & tips

Exploring Antigua’s contrasting landscapes and culture at Stingray City, Devil’s Bridge and Betty’s Hope

Antigua is known for it’s beaches, but there is oh so much more to the island. We went in search of some culture and marine wildlife on a tour with Tropical Adventures thanks to the Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Authority when we visited the island. The Island Safari and Stingray Fantasy is one of a number of tours […]

by Helen • September 2, 2016
The D-Boat in Antigua is a refurbished Oil Tanker - made into a water park, as you can clearly see!
Family holiday locations & tips

D-Boat Antigua – Water park fun for the kids and you

In a recent trip to Antigua, we were lucky enough to be hosted by the Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Authority on an excursion to a fascinating, and extremely unusual day out on the D-Boat. My family had an absolute ball on the D-Boat in Antigua for about six hours! There isn’t too much that can keep my active […]

by Helen • September 1, 2016
Sunsets on Antigua are simply stunning - and there really is so much to do there too for the family. A trpocal destination, with some great family activities.
Family holiday locations & tips

10 things you have to do in Antigua and one you don’t

We are spoiled for life now. Beaches will never be the same again after experiencing what Antigua has to offer. It is hot all the year round; you just need to mind the rainy season, and expect showers or even storms from June to November. The rains do get worse September onwards, so its best […]

by Helen • August 30, 2016
Family holiday locations & tips

Avoid holiday nightmares with Travelex Luxury for Less

Holidays are tranquil escapes, where we forget the pressures of modern life, and connect with our inner chill. Or at least, they should be. We all know that sometimes bad stuff happens; typically involving memory challenged mums that couldn’t manage to cope with the endless notes from school, lastminute packing, and holiday booking chaos. Holiday […]

by Helen • July 26, 2016
Family holiday locations & tips

Ski-ing in my sleep

I’m unstoppable; I talk non-stop, I think non-stop, I do cartwheels non-stop, but most importantly I would love to ski non-stop. Even in my sleep. Ski-ing wasn’t something my mum and dad thought I would take to. I can be a little reticent with new activities you see; they think I like to feel in […]

by Helen • October 30, 2015
Do you love travelling with our family? We have a few tips to make it easier to travel with the kids...nine of them in fact!
Family holiday locations & tips

Nine tips to make travel with kids a breeze

  Whether you’re going half way across the world or just a couple of hours down the motorway, the prospect of travelling with children can easily induce dread and cold sweats. For kids, boredom and restlessness can set in quickly as longer journeys can feel like a lifetime. So how do you make sure a […]

by Helen • October 8, 2015
Are you visiting Saint Tropewz, then try out some of these things to do in and around there - from Port Grimaud to the town itself, there are plenty of options. And all of these work with the kids too - we took ours!
Family holiday locations & tips

Ten awesome things to do with kids near Saint Tropez

We had a wonderful time in the summer sunning ourselves on the French Riviera near St Tropez, or is it Saint Tropez – does anyone actually know? We drove all the way there, and you’ve already seen how we broke up the journey to Saint Tropez on the way back using a great little stop […]

by Helen • September 21, 2015