Family holiday locations & tips

Choosing a family holiday is always a dilemma, especially when kids and parents want to do different things. Discover some of our family and kids holiday ideas and get essential travel advice and tips to keep children entertained during long summer road trips. KiddyCharts gives you impartial advice on holidays in the sun, and the snow, and will hopefully help you make the right decision when booking your next family holiday abroad or at home.

Family holiday locations & tips

Efteling: Is it the best theme park to go to as a family in Europe?

This is a guest post from an 11-year old girl who has written up her thoughts after a recent trip to Efteling. Efteling is a great place to spend a day (or even a week!) as a family. The park caters for all ages including your little ones. Even if  it is raining then, Efteling […]

by Millie C • August 22, 2017
Movenpick Den Bosch has a beautiful terrace in the restaurant, and it even has a little playground for the kids!
Family holiday locations & tips

Movenpick Den Bosch: A Movenpick Family review #MovenpickFamily

Travelling with a family, whether young or old, can be a bit of a challenge; there is so much you need to take, and so many different personalities and little quirks that should be catered for. The Movenpick Hotels, are now offering a Movenpick Family program within all their resorts and hotels, to help you […]

by Helen • August 17, 2017
Dinoland in the Animal Kingdom as a few hidden mickeys too - and one of the best ones is here - can you spot it, and the others from our article?
Family holiday locations & tips

15 awesome Animal Kingdom Hidden Mickeys to find with the kids

We are running a series of posts on the best Hidden Mickeys in Walt Disney World in Florida. We have already taken a look at the App Hidden Mickeys, and today we are exploring all the ones that we managed to find within the Animal Kingdom. There are, of course, many more than these Animal […]

by Helen • July 4, 2017
We've been hidden mickey hunting inside the Disney App for Walt Disney World Florida - can you find them too?
Family holiday locations & tips

Where to find Walt Disney World app Hidden Mickeys

We’ve given you advice on how to search for the Hidden Mickeys in the Walt Disney World Florida, and other Florida parks – but what did we actually find? We’ve searched high and wide for the best Florida Hidden Mickeys for you so you can get a head start on your hunting before you even […]

by Helen • June 27, 2017
We've got some amazing tips for you to help make driving in France a doddle with the kids - first of all, don't be proud, get a portable DvD player!
Family holiday locations & tips

5 tips to making driving in France with kids a doddle

Driving long distances with your family in the car can definitely put you off even bothering to go aboard, right? We are seasoned travellers to foreign lands having bundled the kids into the car every year to drive in France and beyond for many years now, every single year. We’ve learnt a lot on the […]

by Helen • June 15, 2017
Soome of the Hidden Mickeys are an awful lot easier to spot than the others in Epcot - this one is on the Mouse Gear shop - and is pretty easy for anyone to see - in fact it was the first one we found and got us all started!
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Hidden Mickeys: How to search for them in Walt Disney World Florida with the kids

Disneyland Florida is one of THE best places to go with the kids anywhere in the world, so it can’t be possible to make it EVEN BETTER for them, can it? But it is – all you need to do is add in a little something extra for them, particularly if they kids are a […]

by Helen • June 8, 2017
Legoland Florida Cypress Gardens area is almost worth visiting just for the gardens - so beautiful and relaxing!
Family holiday locations & tips

5 excellent reasons to go to Legoland Florida with your kids

Florida is FULL of parks; lots of them in fact, so why should you choose Legoland Florida as one then? Clearly, a love of Lego is helpful to those that visit the park, but don’t be fooled, Legoland Florida is more than just a vehicle for our little yellow friends… Water Ski Stunt Show is […]

by Helen • May 15, 2017
Maybe if you ride the Kumba rollercoaster in Busch Gardens Tampa, you'll understand why it has its name - right?
Family holiday locations & tips

Why Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is perfect for big and little kids

Before we went to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay in Florida, we were a little worried that our children, who aren’t into big thrill rides, wouldn’t find it fun. We were most definitely wrong. There is plenty for both the young and the old in Busch Gardens Tampa, and we are going to prove it! Don’t forget to […]

by Helen • April 28, 2017
Biggest one of our Disney tips yet - make sure you have a rest day in there otherwise you were be SHATTERED! The water parks are great for this, as you really can chill out, particuarly on the lazy rivers on both of them...and you don't miss Mickey totally, as you can see ;-) Check out our other Disney Tips on the website, we've got some great ideas for you all.
Family holiday locations & tips

10 awesome Disney tips to plan the perfect holiday

We have just come back from the MOST amazing trip to Disney in Florida, where we travelled with American Sky. The holiday was fantastic, from start to finish, but we planned it meticulously to make sure this happened. When you have kids, gone are the days when you can walk into a travel agent, book […]

by Helen • April 18, 2017
Gullfoss, Iceland
Family holiday locations & tips

Visiting Iceland – Five stunning ways to connect with nature on a family trip

We are BIG on experiences, and creating memories on any holidays that we have together as a family. Our recent holiday to Antigua proved a hugely positive experience, but we wanted to explore a country nearer home, but just as rich in natural phenomenon. We hadn’t considered visiting Iceland before, but we are always keen to search […]

by Helen • February 24, 2017