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10 things to do in Barbados with kids

We have had the pleasure of staying in Barbados with the family, and we completed an article covering the Seabreeze Beach House Review, but our stay wasn’t just about the accommodation. We managed to get out and explore the island, and we’ve put together some great ideas for families visiting the location.

1. Travel underground on a tram in Harrison’s Cave

A must do in Barbados with kids is the fabulous Harrison's Cave; so many amazing things to see. Just gorgeous. Check out the other ideas on the site. #barbados #travelwithkids #caribbean

Harrison’s Cave is one of Barbados’ most amazing sights. It is one of the few places in the world where you can travel on a tram into the heart of a mountain! You get to explore the caves which were discovered in early 1830s, but because of their natural challenges, were only really opened up to greater exploration in the 1970s.

It was opened to the public in 1981, and is a must see for the kids, as you travel through the amazing halls, alongside the running water, and experience the columns, stalagmites, and stalactites.

Great experience in Barbados with kids at Harrisons Cave - check out our other ideas on the site. #barbados #caribbean #travel

The tram is a fabulous experience for the kids, and cuts out the whining, as you don’t have to walk anywhere!

A must do in Barbados with kids is the fabulous Harrison's Cave; so many amazing things to see. Just gorgeous. Check out the other ideas on the site. #barbados #travelwithkids #caribbean

Price: US$60 and US$30 for children (12+). You can book tours from your hotel that would include the price of entry in the total cost.

2. Take a trip on a Catamarran for a chill out day

You haven’t experienced relaxed until you’ve been on a Catamaran around the Barbadian coast. Tiami offer a few options for these cruises, including a full five hours, which we did with the kids and adored.

When in Barbados with kids, relax on a Catamaran cruise. See what else we loved when we were there. #Barbados #Caribbean #kids #travel

Go in your swim wear, and you can snorkel with turtles, swim out to a beach, and take a dip by jumping off the side of the boat.

If you are going to Barbados with kids - make sure you do a Catamaran trip and pack a costume. See what else we got up to on the site. #kids #travel #Barbados #Caribbean

Depending on where you are staying, your hotel might even be able to book the tour. We were able to book through Seabreeze Beach House during our stay.

Price: US$96, $US76 for children (13-17) and $US26 (4-12) though your hotel is likely to have better deals available.

3. Visit the shipwrecks and swim with turtles in Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay is the huge, white, and beautiful stretch of sand that Bridgetown nestles by. You could be forgiven for thinking that it is awash with colourful bars, and a haven for those that want to experience the nightlife on the island, alongside its beach life. However, it is well worth taking your snorkels (with older children who are strong swimmers), or taking a trip on a glass-bottomed boat, so you can see the wonders that lurk beneath the sea in this bay.

So we are going a bit @blueplanet_official on you all today. 💕🦑 We took a small underwater camera away with us when we @visitbarbados recently. We might have managed to get some wobbly vids we are proud of. It’s tough shooting with it as it’s a £30 job from Amazon and you can’t really see too well@what ur recording. It’s all at arms length. You can’t change ur mind either once you are our snorkelling. It’s either all video or all pictures. You can’t change the setting underwater! These are Caribbean Reef SQUID 🦑 yes that’s Squid. And we saw a while shoal of them. The kids weren’t too sure about them. But I think they’re rather amazing don’t you?!?! #lovebarbados #barbados #berwyn #bajanqueen #shipwreck #snorkelling #snorkel #lovesnorkeling #pblogger #mumblog #momblog #mummyblogger #pblogger #epig #familytravel #familyfun #squid #squidsighting #squids #reef #reefsquad #travel #travelagram #travelblogger #ukblogger #ukblog #mummyblogger #parents

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Do you see what we mean? This really was an amazing experience – just look at these squid!

If you are snorkelling, swim straight out from the gazebo on the shoreline to the bouys, and there are six shipwrecks for you to explore without having to use SCUBA equipment.

By far the best of the ships is the Berwyn, as it is only located about 7-10ft below the surface and sunk in 1932. It is the nearest to you AND had been around for the longest to encourage the marine animals to stick around.

4. Explore the smells, and colours in Hunte’s Gardens

Antony Hunte is a horticulturalist who developed these gardens within the rainforests of Barbados; in a sink hole like gully.

The flowers and vegetation he has cultivated through years of hard work is a sight to behold, and makes for a perfect, cooling stroll on the island. It is a great alternative to another trip to the beach.

Huntes Gardens is a great thing to do in Barbados with kids - we loved the flowers there. Check out other ideas on the site. #Barbados #kids #travel #caribbean

Thankfully, upon entry you are given directions for the best way around the garden, and a picture board with a leaflet, so you know what flower varieties, and other attractions you are looking for, or at. The information sheet even includes the owners rescue dog, and their cat, Miss Marble. Both were rather a big hit with the kids…

Visiting Huntes Gardens in Barbados with kids - you have to see Miss Marble and Flora, the owner's recue cat and dog! Check out out other ideas on the site. #Barbados #caribbean #kids #travel

5. Watch green monkey feeding time at Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Barbados even has it’s own Wildlife Reserve; born from the development of a research centre established in 1982 by primatologist Jean Baulu and his wife, Suzanne. It was expanded with money from Canada in 1985, and will give the kids a good 1-2 hours of exploring with plenty of other animals to take a look at, including Tortoise Caiman, Mara’s, Parrots, and of course, the Green Monkeys.

Visit the Barbados Wildlife Centre when you are in Barbados with kids and see the surfing monkeys! #kids #barbados #caribbean #monkeys

Watch out for the surfing monkeys!

It is worth making sure you are there for the monkey feeding time (early afternoon, check with your hotel as it depends on the season), so you don’t miss out on the baby monkey’s coming to feed with their mums.

You can't miss the green moneky feeding time at the Barbados Wildlife park if you are in Barbados with kids - so cute! Check out our other ideas on the site. #barbados #kids #monkeys

6. Snorkel at Folkestone Marina Park

Snorkelling is a wonderful way to explore the sea, and Folkestone Marina Park offers a really easy way to see marine life up close from a beach. Within the recreational zone of the park, just off the beach near the museum and the information office, there is plenty of reef life for you and your family to explore.

We saw a wonderful selection of the life that Barbados reef fauna and flora has to offer.

Aside from the Marine life, the beaches here are stunning – it is well worth taking a little walk just around the headland from the car park. You won’t be disappointed….

Folkstone Marine Park is a definite visit on our list of things to do in Barbados with kids. Check out our others - and what are yours? #barbados #kids #caribbean

7. Check out the Chattel shops in Holetown

Holetown is a beautiful little town just before the Folkestone Marina Park and is a good place for a stop off with its designer shops, restaurants, and the gorgeous Chattel shops just on the main street.

Holetown is a must for going to Barbados with kids - just so many gorgeous Chattel shops! #barbados #kids travel

Chattel houses were originally used a small wooden houses that could easily be moved from place to place, and date back to the plantation days. Chattel means property – so seems suitable in this context.

8. Dive down to the depths (ish) on the Atlantis Submarine

Atlantic submarines have 12 dive sites across the globe, and one of them in is Barbados!

Going to Barbados with kids - check out the Atlantis Submarine! Visit our site for more great ideas too #barbados #kids

I don’t know about you, but our family had NEVER been on a submarine before, and what a wonderful opportunity to experience one; you get the see the reef life up close without even having to get wet. On our particular trip, we also went to look at a shipwreck too.

9. Visit Oistins Fish Fry on a Friday Night in a local bus

Fish is so important locally on Barbados, for food, for making a living, and for fun! In Oistins on a Friday night, both the tourists, and the locals gather to let their hair down after a busy week and enjoy some of the local catch, alongside having a bit of a party. It gets quite busy there, so do go down early to grab a table, before the rush. We went for around 6.30/7.00pm and it was already getting interesting…

Barbados with kids means Friday Night Fish Fry at Oistins - check it out and the other ideas for visiting there with the kids #Barbados #kids #travel #oistins

And what a location to be enjoying it all in as well. We have a wonderful meal here with the kids, and can’t recommend it enough as an experience. Why not nip down on one of the Reggae buses; only US$1 (BAR$2) for pretty much any distance along the coast road. We loved these buses, so easy to catch, and loud, proud, and chaotic; just like Barbados. 😉

The beach at Oistins is gorgeous too – particularly when the sun is going down.

Beautiful oistins beach is a great place to go on barbados with kids, particularly for the Friday Night Fish Fry #barbados #kids #travel #oistins

10. Visit when it’s Crop Over festival

Bajans celebrate the harvest from June until the beginning of August, and there are a few events in and around Bridgetown to celebrate.

The biggest and the best is the final weekend, often into the Monday, where there is a massive parade called the Grand Kardooment, alongside the Kiddie Kardooment too.

The music, the dancing, and the atmosphere are a big part of Bajan culture, so if you can visit when its on; do try!

We hope you like these ideas for enjoying Barbados. We have a wonderful time there, thanks to Tropical Sky, and we hope you enjoy yourself when you visit too.

Thanks for reading as always. If you like this article, then do try and sign up for our weekly newsletter.

See you again soon!


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