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Winter is the time of year when everything starts slowing down and when we all are looking for ways to wind down. This may be applicable for adults but not for kids. Which is why even though we may need to slow down, our kids will still need to have activities that they enjoy and get fulfillment from, despite having to be stuck indoors. After all, learning never stops does it? If you want some fun and enriching winter activities for kids, have a look at what we have in store for you.

Winter printables

We have some lovely winter printables, do take a look and find something that your kids will enjoy.

There is also lots to do outdoors despite the weather not being very cooperative. In general, winter is a time where people are indoors. Our wet, and not so forgiving, British winters make it even more crucial for families in Britain to have things that keep them entertained.

Here are a few more outdoor activities to enjoy during winter, even if the weather is not so good. Or better yet, to enjoy on those days where it may be cold and wintry but it’s still nice enough to enjoy the outdoors.

  • Why not take up bird watching as a family this winter and even make your own bird feeder,
  • Or get outside and do one of our nature activities,
  • Finally, enjoy a STEM Forest School activity with our post on how to make an ice orb.

So, what do you think? Do you think you have enough content to keep the kids busy? We think so! Why don’t you tag us on social media when you have been working on one of our projects so we can see what you have gotten up to?