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The vegan lifestyle is increasing in popularity and now more than ever many families are opting for being vegan. You don’t have to be a vegan to make lifestyle changes that will impact your family and the environment in a positive way. But if you do want to go vegan or try out some easy vegan recipes then we have a lot for you on the site so you can make some delicious food your family will enjoy.

So, what type of recipes do we have for you? Well, as we aim to be geared to families and kids we want our recipes to be simple and fun!

Making the change

You may ask yourself, is it possible to enjoy a vegan lifestyle if you have fussy eaters? The answer is, yes definitely. One of the recipes that is popular on the site with parents who want their kids to have a vegan diet is our vegan mushroom cheesesteak sandwich. This recipe is really none of of those things, but it is a way to get your kids to eat a vegan dish without the fuss.

This is especially important for parents who are making a transition to a vegan lifestyle after their kids have grown up eating meat and its byproducts.

Making it fun

Another way you can make it fun is to sneak a vegan meal when they least expect it! If you are going to celebrate an occassion why not make the fudgiest dairy free chocolate cake you can?

Or maybe try some vegan chocolate and peanut butter fudge?

How about starting your kids off from their infant years with vegan recipes for babies, such as this lentil soup recipe?

Give these recipes a try and you will be able to see that if you are already vegan you can easily find recipes that your family will love. And if you are trying to incorporate the vegan lifestyle into your life you will have a lot of choices too!