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Parenting ideas in your pocket: Our KiddyCharts app

So we have an app now; but what’s it all about the KiddyCharts App. Why bother downloading it?

Play, explore and learn with the KiddyCharts App

KiddyCharts is a social enterprise. We’ve got with activities, resources and tips to help parents. The app is just an extension of our site AND SOME. This of it as a parenting app that you can take with you anywhere – on your phone or tablet, giving you those all important parenting ideas when you need them:

It’s the site with all our goodies, plus loads of exclusive features that only those with the app will get access to. Including some cool KiddyCharts merchandise and offers that you don’t get anywhere else.

Features section:

Parenting ideas in your pocket

The app, just like the site, offers a wealth of information for parents – from how to play with your kids, games for you to actually use, what to feed them, what games they can play together – all in one place. Our printables are what we are known for, but we have LOADS of other ideas, and inspiration for parents. And now its in your pocket.

Touch-friendly design

We know how long you’ll be spending on our app so we’ve made sure it’s really easy to use on any device. It is simple. We’ve kept it easy to navigate so you can find what you need easily. Our design has been optimised for touch screens so you’ll never have to worry about using the wrong button again.

Visit the MY ACCOUNT on the home screen, and sign up so you can get access to the exclusive printables and rewards for sharing the app. When your friends download, you can claim your rewards. You might get a mug, or even a fabulous crocheted little star from @mummaishooked.

Exclusive offers, giveaways and content with more parenting ideas for you

We have an interactive design that lets you check out content based on your child’s age, stage in life and interests. If you are a teacher, find content relevant to the ages in your class, and keep coming back for more so you are always able to educate and entertain. It’s a lifesaver when you’re just not sure how to spend some quality time with them!

More Time to Pee club and our shop and subscriptions

You can access our shop through the app too, checking out the new FREE Time to Pee Club exclusives, as well as see what new releases we have in the shop. And if you sign up to our Time to Pee premium, you get access to everything in the shop for FREE!

We give to charity with every single page view on site

Whenever you look through the app, where it connects to the site, you are giving at least 51% of any advertising revenue, or anything you buy in the shop to charity. So you might be passively scrolling, or clicking through a few pages. Not much effort BUT, it can help support the children we care about. From Young Minds to Reverence for Life who are the main charities we work with.

What do parents say?

“We love that the app is free and it has all the activities we need to entertain our kids.” Claire, mum to 5-year old

“The content is always up-to-date. It’s like having parenting inspiration in your pocket.” Helen, mum to two

“I love everything about this app! I’ve never seen an app like this before!” Rachel, mum of three

So come on – download it today, and see for yourself!

If you do have any comments on anything on the site, do feel free to contact us too.

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