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Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? There’s usually at least one member of the family that has a penchant for anything sweet, and cookies and biscuits tend to be firm favourites. If your family also loves a baked treated we have some biscuit and cookie recipes for kids that you can make as a family and enjoy together, too!

Of course, we have delicious recipes that you will love, and enjoying the baked goodies is a reward worth waiting for. But did you know that getting your kids in the kitchen and teaching them to bake teaches them some brilliant skills?

So, what can your kids learn from baking?

Good math skills

Kids can improve their math skills by learning how to use different types of measurements. They can practice weighing out flour in fractions, weighing milk and oil in mL, and the little ones can count out how many eggs to use in a recipe.

From weighing out the ingredients to counting the minutes it will take to bake your treat, there are many math skills that your kids can practice.

Learn the wonders of science

Another great concept to learn through baking is science. Science is incredible because there are many different branches of it, and the scientific concepts that baking introduces are great for kids to learn.

Kids will be intrigued to learn about the effect of baking soda in a cake, for example. So it’s great to introduce the way chemicals reaact as it’s something kids are sure to be interested in.

Develop fine motor skills

The development of fine motor skills is so important for your little ones. They can develop by doing every day tasks, and through play as well. Why not give them a little extra push in a fun way through cooking and baking?

We know that you will find some great cookie recipes for kids in this section, but if you are baking for yourself then we know you will find delicious recipes for you to enjoy too!