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Holiday ideas

Are you in need of some holiday ideas to get you inspired? You have reached the right place! Here in our holiday ideas category you can find seasonal and holiday ideas to help you and your kids keep entertained and inspired during the holiday season.

What can you find on the site?

Let’s take a look!

Firstly, you can find posts on the holidays that we are familiar with such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Easter. Just to name a few.

Here are some of our Easter activities and activities for holidays.

Holiday Recipes

How about posts that combine a holiday and also a recipe? We have a spooky Halloween cake, as well as some fun Christmas gingerbread cookies for you to make with your kids. Or how about a totally indulgent chocolate egg fondant for Easter?

More seasonal activities

We know that with so many holidays around it can be simple to keep track of different ideas and resources to help you, so we try and keep this page updated with new things to do from summer to winter, and spring to autumn.

Whatever you are looking for you will be able to find some lovely seasonal related activity to keep your kids entertained and always learning. Do check out our site often for updates and follow us on social media, too!

Charades on zoom: Freebie for the summer

Charades is a great game to play with the kids, and we have a free game for you for Charades on Zoom as part of the Time to Pee club. We given you 3-4 free activities a month, usually one a week, just for being a member. You also get 10% off in our shop too, where we provide more great resources monthly as well. Charades is a great way to communicate and stay connected with family and friends wherever they are. This summer themed charades game should keep you and the family busy for a few calls! The game …

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Indoor obstacle course cards for the summer and beyond

We KNOW that you want to be getting out and about this summer, and beyond. Sometimes though, the weather lets us down, but we still need ideas for the kids to get them active; so we have created some indoor obstacle course cards for the summer and beyond for you to print out and use with your children either at home or in the classroom. These are another exclusive set of printables for those that are in our FREE Time to Pee club, so sign up and then sign in as soon as you can so you can download them …

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Things to do in summer with kids: Activity inspiration

We’ve got so many activities on the site, it can be a bit difficult to think about what you want to pick *we promise that isn’t big headed.* There is plenty to choose from, but what about something a little simpler. What about if we could give you 6 pages of inspiration to help you to come up with simple things to do in summer with kids to entertain over the next few weeks? Well – we have. It’s a simple little booklet with details of ideas for each week, with a simple theme to help you to keep the …

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Family road trip planner

Who likes the idea of a family road trip, but isn’t really sure where they should be starting both in terms of organising it, and then getting in the car, and driving? Wherever you are, getting sorted for any holiday if you have kids can be a bit of an organisational headache. BUT, don’t worry, as always, WE have you covered with this family road trip planner that takes the headache out of holidays in the car with the kids. This is only available to our Time to Pee Club members – but don’t worry – it is FREE to …

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Spring worksheets: Writing prompts for kids

This set of spring worksheets is FREE to you if you are a member of our Time to Pee membership club, so why not join today just by giving us your email? It is completely free to do so! Do consider our other options too and everything in our shop is then free 😍 We have some gorgeous spring worksheets for you today – including some great spring writing prompts to get the kids creative juices flowing around the season. This consists of 11 pages of fun, with a number of different prompts for the kids based around pictures, and …

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