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Care 4 Me Reward Charts – Reduce separation anxiety today!

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Select the overall theme (background image) for your chart to suit your child's personality.
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KiddyCharts reward charts for children - Working Parents United

Sunday 26th of May 2013

[...] Our care charts show your children using Little Star pictures who is looking after them across the week.  I know how absolutely invaluable this is as a working parent; childcare can get very complex.  One day they are at Nan’s, the next with you, then at nursery, and so one.  If you register with the site, you can add your own photographs.  That means you get a picture of Nan on the chart to show your child the night before that they are looking after them.  It’s hard to leave your child with someone else.  These charts tell them what’s happening the next day.  It won’t stop the drop off tears completely, but it might ease them and your parental guilt! [...]

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