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Free printable bingo cards generator

We have a brand new resource for you all today – for free of course – to help with entertaining and educating kids. It is our free printable bingo cards generator. We’ve spent quite a lot of time adding images to it, so it works, but if you would like to see a specific set of images for it, that we don’t have then let us know. We cannot promise we will do it immediately, but we love feedback, no matter what it is.

Also – do check out some of the other bingo ideas we have on the site as well as one offs, these are always popular with our readers. Some of the bingo cards are part of larger worksheet collections.

Note: This is in BETA – so give us feedback on what you think!

Show me the Bingo Card Generator

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This is the simple engine for creating your cards. Clearly, you need to know how to do it of course – so let’s see what we can do to share with you the instructions on using the generator.

This image displays an advertisement for free, downloadable custom picture bingo cards for kids, featuring colorful illustrations of insects and a "60 THEMES" badge.

How to use the Printable Bingo Card Generator

We are going to keep this a simple set of instructions for you:

  1. Choose the theme you want your set of cards to be in, e.g. Easter, American Patriotic, Woodland, etc.
  2. Select the number of images per card. We have 3 x 3 cards (9 images), 4 x 4 ones (16 images), and 5 x 5 cards (for 25 images). You might choose depending on the age of those playing, so 3 x 3 for up to 4, and so on. You know your kids better than we do and what will work best for them,
  3. Select the number of cards you want to print, which equates to the number of players, e.g. 4 for 4 players, and so on. You can print up to ten cards. The more you pick – do allow a little time for the chart to generate as its thinking hard in the background,
  4. Click the green “Generate Chart” button. It’ll then create the chart, and a new section will appear where the chart builder was in this article with two new buttons,
  5. You can then click the “Download Now” to get your chart, which appears in another window,
  6. If you want, you can “Make Another” by clicking that button, and finally
  7. You can print the final pages which give you the images that are used in all the cards to “call” out so that everyone can cross off what they have as they go along.

Make sure you WAIT long enough for the PDF to generate as it can take a little time.
Thinking is hard 😂

That is it! Now you have your Bingo Cards for whatever type of bingo you would like to play at home, school or anywhere at all!

The above example shows the bug theme for you. If you are interested in finding out which themes we have, below is an alphabetical list of everything that you can pick. As we said, contact us if you want something specific and we can see what we can do 😊

  • American patriotic,
  • April showers,
  • Art,
  • Autumn,
  • Back to School,
  • Backing / Cooking,
  • Birds,
  • Birthday,
  • Boho,
  • Books,
  • Bugs,
  • Butterflies,
  • Camping,
  • Cherry Blossom,
  • Christmas,
  • Circus,
  • Cleaning,
  • Crafts,
  • Cupcakes,
  • Dinosaurs,
  • Dragons,
  • Easter,
  • Fairies,
  • Farm,
  • Father’s Day,
  • Flowers,
  • Food and drink,
  • Gingerbread,
  • Halloween, and
  • Hot air balloons.
  • Kitchen,
  • Kittens,
  • Leaves,
  • Llamas,
  • Mermaids,
  • Mother’s Day,
  • Mountains,
  • Occupations,
  • Ocean,
  • Olympics / Spots,
  • Ornamental plants,
  • Pandas,
  • Pumpkin spice,
  • Sharks,
  • St Patrick’s Day,
  • Stars (our KiddyChart’s ones),
  • Summer,
  • Sweets,
  • Tea,
  • Transport,
  • Tropical,
  • Unicorns,
  • Valentines,
  • Vegetable,
  • Vintage,
  • Weather,
  • Winter,
  • Woodland, and
  • Zodiac.

We really, really hope that somewhere here there is something that you like. We have highlighted the seasonal ideas in the above, as we do have options from Mother’s Day to Valentine’s. Who could resist some of our cuter images…

How to use these printable bingo cards in activities for kids:

You can use these cards however you want within the home or in classrooms, but here are some of the ideas for use that we have come up with:

  1. Building vocabulary: Use them simply to help kids to expand their vocabulary within the themes included – for examples, we have 30 cards for vegetables, can you name 30 veggies?!?
  2. Encouraging patience and team work: the bingo game itself is great for encouraging specific characteristics in your kids, from turn-taking, to patience as the children wait for the pictures to be called out. Winning, and losing can be difficult for some children, of course, so making it light and fun wherever you can,
  3. Storytelling: You can use the bingo cards to create stories, particularly if you use the smaller grids. Work with 3 or 6 or 9 images, and depending on the age of the children, write a story featuring the characters from the cards and watch your children’s imaginations fly,
  4. Improving descriptive ideas: After playing, take a character or an item, and describe it without saying the word to other players, or write a description of it. This is another way to get kids really thinking about the images on the cards, and bring them to life, and finally
  5. Weave into another lesson or activity: As with some of our resources on the site, bingo is one part of a wider set of learning. Incorporate the bingo cards in a wider unit, or activity at home. You can give the kids a bit of fun around the more focused learning ideas.

What other ideas have you got for learning with these resources?

The image shows a kids' bingo game with cute insect illustrations on cards, alongside wooden bingo numbers and markers on a wooden surface.

We hope that you like this brilliant, and free tool for you to create more fun with the kids. Check out the other charts on the site, and some of our other resources below:

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Thanks again for coming to see us, and we hope you will come back loads to use this resource. Why not share it with your friends too?
It has landed – a brand new printable generator on the KiddyCharts site, and of course, its free too!

Take care,

This image is an advertisement for free customizable kids' bingo cards with a download button, featuring sample cards and bingo tokens. Social media handles are included.

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