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Kindness bingo game #31daysofactivities

Today for our #31DaysOfActivites we are discussing all things kindness. Sometimes, children do understand the concept of being kind, but have a tough time understanding how to put it into action. This little kindness bingo game can actually help change that and get your kids to finally take action and, have some fun while they’re at it.

We actually have two games for you today – inspired by the wonderful new book from Becky Goddard-Hill; Create Your Own Kindness! One is a traditional bingo game that you can play with your kids all around the topic of kindness. The other is a bingo game with that has little boxes for your kids to tick off once they have completed the corresponding kindness activity. Let’s take a look at the bingo games.

How to play kindness bingo

It is actually as simple as playing Bingo, because that’s what it really is. Once they have completed a square they can colour it in.

We have a few different ideas within each of the squares for what your children can do to help spread a little kindness as well as show you which icon goes with the act of kindness.

  1. Give your pocket money to charity – the piggy bank
  2. Help make dinner – the empty plate surrounded by food
  3. Share your toys/play a game with your family – the bundle of toys
  4. Pass a book you have loved on to a friend – the 3 books
  5. Give someone a compliment – the red waving hand print
  6. Call your grandparents – the red phone
  7. Make your teacher a thank you card – the teacher
  8. Smile and say hello to a passerby – the smiley face
  9. Make a ‘be kind’ poster for your window – the window
  10. Bake some cookies for a neighbour – the stack of cookies
  11. Tell someone a funny joke – the laughing child
  12. Read someone a story – the child reading a book

As well as these, there are 4 blank squares – making a 4 x 4 grid. Clearly. 😂 These are to be used to create your own ideas for kindness that you and your kids come up with.

<< Download the Kindness Bingo game for your kids to tick off after each kindness activity completed by clicking on the image below >>

Kindness bingo game it's fun for all

When the bingo square is complete why not celebrate with a favourite movie and some popcorn!

If you want a different idea for game night, try a traditional kindness themed bingo game.

Traditional kindness themed bingo game

Another part to this activity is the second printable that we have for you around the topic of kindness. This traditional bingo game around the topic of kindness. This is a fun for a family game night and is just a simple bingo game that includes counters for you to play with your kids.

You can also take it a step further by discussing each activity and what the kids plan to do when it’s time for them to tick off the kindness activity off their list in the other game. Again, there are 4 blank boxes so you and your kids can create your own kindness ideas to include into the bingo game.

<< Download your own kindness bingo by clicking on the circular image below >>

Bingo game

For more awesome activities check out Create Your Own Kindness a brand new activity book for 6-12 year olds from child therapist and wellbeing author Becky Goddard-Hill.

In the book she shares over 50 ways kids can learn to be kind to themselves, other people and to the wider world.

Is there anything more important to teach a child?

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Before you go, do check out more of our kindess activities on KiddyCharts.

Teaching kindness

We have so many resources on kindness - because it IS one of the most important things that we need to teach our children.

If you need even more kindness activities take a look at these from around the internet, too.

Kindness activities from the internet

More ideas to inspire kindness and positivity in your children

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Becky Goddard-Hill is a children’s therapist and wellbeing author and she writes the blog Emotionally Healthy Kids. She is a strong believer in emotional literacy and the importance of helping children build resilience.

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