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100 Random Acts of Kindness with #52kindweeks

Social media is a truly amazing creation. When you ask – it delivers. I needed some more Random Acts of Kindness to fill out the printable I was creating for the new hashtag I have to spread a little kindness; #52KindWeeks. I got them; so thanks so much to everyone that helped out in any way.

Kindness is not an option, it is an absolute necessity in life. #52KindWeeks

I hope that these Random Acts of Kindness give you some ideas for taking part in the hashtag. It really doesn’t matter what you do, anything helps. And if you aren’t being kind, that’s OK too – you can you tell us who was kind to you whenever it happened, either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, in a blog post old or new, or a vlog. We’d love to hear about that as well.

As a parent it is so important to show we care to our children. We help mould our kids by setting them a good example, so every little bit of kindness we show in front of them makes them better people.

My experience of kindness inspired me, so I hope it does you too. The more Random Acts of Kindness we have, the further the ripples will travel. Remember if you do any of the list below – hand out one of our Random Acts of Kindness cards, and hopefully whomever you help will #PassItOn.

Why don’t you join in with #BeKind2017 as well in celebration of Kindness Day? Though it shouldn’t be about that single week or course, but Kindness Week is an excellent way of highlighting just how simple kindness goes a long way:

  1. Pass on your Pound/Dollar/Euro when you are shopping (The Mum Diaries),
  2. Buy someone homeless a hot drink (The Cheshire Wife),
  3. Chat to a mum whose child has a tantrum (PinkPear Bear),
  4. Clean your elderly neighbours guttering (Household Money Saving),
  5. Buy extra food when you are out to feed the homeless (Messy Blog UK),
  6. Donate to a local food bank (Katy Kicker, who was a star and suggested 6-13),
  7. Donate to a local hospice,
  8. Give money to a busker,
  9. Give a stranger money when they are short,
  10. Give to a charity shop near you,
  11. Bake for a friend,
  12. Be kind online, and show someone you care,
  13. Send someone you know flowers,
  14. If you ever find anything, hand it in (Georgina Clarke),
  15. Add a positive note to anything you sell (The Money Whisperer),
  16. Leave notes in changing rooms with positive messages (Just Average Jen),
  17. Hold the door open, esp. for mums with buggies (Kelly Ann WriterCardiff Mummy Says and Fabulous Mummy),
  18. If someone looks in trouble, help them or ask if they are OK (Emma Reed),
  19. Donate your umbrella if it’s raining to someone else (Welsh Mum Writing),
  20. Encourage your children to give 50p to another child (My Mummies Pennies),
  21. Let people out at junctions (Our Fairytale Adventure and number 22),
  22. Stop for people needing to cross the road,
  23. Smile at a stranger (Motherhood Diaries and 24 too),
  24. Give blood,
  25. Become an organ donor,
  26. Keep an eye on everyone else, and if they look like they need help; give them it (Arepops),
  27. Offer to pay for someone’s shopping (Pinkoddy and 28 too),
  28. Hide money when out and about so people find it,
  29. Send a food shop to someone you know that needs it (The Brick Castle),
  30. Organise a collection to help someone in trouble (Teddy Bears and Cardigans),
  31. Help a parent travelling solo to entertain their kids (Travel Loving Family),
  32. Post a book through a neighbour’s letterbox with a note saying “Hi” (Thanks lovely Claire),
  33. Give a stranger a compliment (Mum’s the Word),
  34. Paint a rock with a positive message and leave it someone (Saffron Walden Rocks and The Kindness Rocks Project)
  35. Speak to a stranger,
  36. Buy someone in a coffee shop a drink, just because,
  37. Get up for the kids in the morning,
  38. Donate a book to the library,
  39. Leave a book on the train with a note passing it on,
  40. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to recently,
  41. Donate a toy to the local hospital,
  42. Be honest on social media – just once!
  43. Encourage a stranger when they need it,
  44. Talk to someone on their own,
  45. Laugh hard with someone that needs it,
  46. Cry with someone that needs to,
  47. Give a flower to a stranger,
  48. Tell someone to keep the change,
  49. Leave a nice note on a colleague’s desk,
  50. Buy a friend lunch,
  51. Listen hard,
  52. Visit an elderly neighbour,
  53. Share your lunch with a stranger,
  54. Buy pet food from the local animal shelter,
  55. Take biscuits/cookies to a neighbour,
  56. Thank your teacher/colleague for helping you,
  57. Leave money in a vending machine,
  58. Give something from your business out for free (Tambas Jewellery)
  59. Let someone go first in a queue before you,
  60. Help clean someone else’s house,
  61. Recycle it,
  62. Give someone homeless a blanket/coat,
  63. Help someone else with their pets,
  64. Give a single parent friend a break by babysitting,
  65. Babysit for anyone!
  66. Phone a friend,
  67. Don’t say it, even if you feel it,
  68. Understand they are tired too,
  69. Take a photo of ur kids, send to someone they love,
  70. Give a bar of chocolate to someone in the queue,
  71. Say “Hello” when you walk past someone,
  72. Explain patiently to your kids even if you are tired,
  73. Share and encourage your kids to do the same,
  74. Speak up when you normally wouldn’t,
  75. Forgive someone,
  76. Get that DvD and watch it with a friend,
  77. Go to a film with someone, and pay for it,
  78. Give them a hug and tell them you love them,
  79. Don’t spread those rumours; challenge them,
  80. Write a letter,
  81. Tip generously,
  82. Pamper a friend with a beauty treatment,
  83. Carry someone’s bag,
  84. Don’t send that annoyed email,
  85. Wash up, or load the dishwasher even if u cooked,
  86. Always be aware of how you can help,
  87. Arrange a playdate to help a mum/dad friend,
  88. Pick up that litter,
  89. Sponsor a child or an animal; or both!
  90. Have a conversation with the delivery driver,
  91. Say “Have a nice day” and mean it,
  92. Do something to help raise money for charity,
  93. Praise someone’s work, including your kids’,
  94. Plant a tree or a flower,
  95. Say thank you whenever you can,
  96. Help people who are lost,
  97. Say “sorry” when you need to,
  98. Give time to someone that needs it,
  99. Be kind to yourself, and
  100. Don’t expect anything in return.

Here is the printable for you as well – perhaps if you do decide to do one of the above, you can hand this out along with a Random Act of Kindness Card too?

Why not be kind? It just take a little and can make a lot of a difference. Come visit us to see how we can all make kindess ripples #52KindWeeks #BeKind2017 #BeKind

*Phew* There are plenty more wonderful lists of ideas available, and there is even an official Random Acts of Kindness Activitists group too. This includes representations from over 87 countries. It really IS a global phenomenon. Here are some other sources of inspiration for you, they helped me with the above list too:

  • 101 easy ideas for random acts of kindness (BuzzFeed)
  • 35 little acts of kindness (Oprah)
  • 29 ways to carry out Random Acts of Kindness every day (Lifehack)
  • 134 ideas for Random Acts of Kindness (And Then we Saved)
  • 109 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas you can do today (Pop Sugar), and
  • 51 beautiful Random Acts of Kindness and Kindness Challenge (Local Adventurer)

Come and look at the other resources and ideas on my Be Kind Pinterest board too, won’t you?

Beautiful sentiment and we can help you to do it too with 100 random acts of kindness. See what you can do today. #52KindWeeks

So now there is NO excuse for not speading the kindness like confetti is there?

Helen is a mum to two, social media consultant, and website editor; and this site is (we think) the only Social Enterprise parenting magazine! Since giving up being a business analyst when juggling travel, work and kids proved too complicated, she founded KiddyCharts so she could be with her kids, and use those grey cells at the same time. KiddyCharts has reach of over 1.1million across social and the site. The blog works with big family brands (including travel) to help promote their services, as well as offering free resources to parents of kids under 10. It gives 51%+ profits to Reverence for Life, who fund a number of important initiatives in Africa, including bringing running water and basic equipment to a school in Tanzania. Helen has worked as a digital marketing consultant (IDM qualified) with various organisations, including Channel Mum, Truprint, Talk to Mums, and Micro Scooters. She loves to be creative in the brand campaigns she works on. Get in touch TODAY!

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