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Starters tend to be a part of the meal that can sometimes be overlooked. We all look forward to the main, and the dessert, but the starter can sometimes be seen as less than important. To get you a bit more interested in the starter we have some starers recipes to share with you that you will definitey enjoy.

The starter is usually designed to whet your appetite and get you ready for the main that is to come. Starters can come in the form of a simple salad, soup, or even something that is a miniature plate setting from something you can eat as a main. Think of the Spanish style tapas, which are essentially starters that can either be eaten as such or ordered as a sort of smorgasbord.

Starters recipes can be complimentary to the main meal or can be a completely different taste experience. When you are feeding kids though, it can be difficult to know which way to go. Especially if your kids are fussy eaters.

That’s why we try to focus on both tried and tested starters recipes or different options that will help you disguise the food so your kids will eat a bigger variety.

Some of the recipes that we recommend are:

  • Our mango salad, which helps kids eat something that they wouldn’t normallly eat in a way which they are familiar, or how about,
  • Making some 5 ingredient dips that can be used for starters or even play dates!

We will give you many ideas for your starters that we know your kids will surely love!