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There are many benefits to early years and preschool activites to aid learning. Kids are sponges and the earlier that we can impart knowledge the better it is for them and their future. We like to share resources to help you through every stage of your kids lives, and today we focus on those crucial years with some preschool activities.

During the preschool stage kids learn a lot. From numeracy, literacy, shape recognition, and even colours. Each of these skills are so important in the development of our kids and we have resources to help you through each stage.


Help your kids to learn to recognise numbers with our many free preschool activites and printables that range from recognising the number, to learning how to write it. We offer many activities that help make maths at the very early stages fun for your kids.


Another basic skill is recognising letters. This may seem advanced at the preschool age, but teaching your kids the basics, such as learning to recognise the first letter of their name, to being able to write it, is a feasible task. There are fun activities and printables to help with this as well.

Motor skills

There are also plenty of resources to help you with your kids’ fine motor skills. Fine motor skill development helps kids with their hand-eye coordination, grasping, and moving objects, as well as allowing kids to be more independent. Independence can help with your kids’ self-esteem too since they show more confidence.

Of course, we can’t forget some of our most popular printables, colouring in sheets! We have plenty of those to keep the kids busy.

Browse through this part of our site and find some lovely resources and preschool activities for the little ones.