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Teaching patience in kids: Exploring ‘In Time’ by Marina Ruiz”

In a world of instant gratification, teaching patience and the value of waiting can be challenging. We have a brand new way of helping to do so, thanks to the next book in our Shelf Care Book Club series: The book “In Time” by Marina Ruiz. This was published in 2024 by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, and tackles this essential life skill through beautiful illustrations and thought-provoking content. As always, we have create a series of engaging activities to use with the book too. This book aims to help children understand that waiting is not only okay, but sometimes necessary for beautiful things to unfold.

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Before we share the activity sheets – let’s check out the book for you.

What’s In Time about?

The image features a drawn child sitting cross-legged with hands on cheeks, smiling, against a colorful backdrop of abstract plant designs, with the text "in time."

This book follows a young girl as she discovers the beauty and value of patience. The story captures how, for children, time can sometimes feel unbearably slow—whether it’s waiting for school to end, or longing for a freshly baked cake to finish.

Amidst the rush and impatience, the book guides kids through the idea of slowing down and appreciating the world. Readers see the magic in moments that take time: animals awakening from hibernation, seeds transforming into flowers, and snails leaving shimmering trails.

This book is perfect for children who often ask, “Are we there yet?” Its relatable narrative encourages kids to embrace a more patient outlook.

Activity sheets for teaching patience

The image features a promotional ad for a children's activity with the theme of patience, highlighting a "FREE BOOK" and a worksheet to help kids learn to wait.

Our activity sheets – and we have a book of 14 pages here for you – offer a range of exercises designed to reinforce the book’s themes and encourage children to reflect on their experiences with waiting and boredom. These activities serve as valuable tools for parents and educators to extend the book’s lessons into practical applications.

One activity asks children to consider what they hate waiting for and why it’s difficult. This prompts self-reflection and helps children articulate their feelings about waiting, a crucial step in developing emotional intelligence. Another exercise invites children to write about a time they had to wait, encouraging them to process past experiences and potentially recognise positive outcomes that resulted from waiting.

Boring can be good

The activities also focus on developing coping strategies for boredom and waiting. Children are asked to brainstorm ideas for making waiting easier, fostering problem-solving skills and creativity. This approach helps reframe waiting from a passive, frustrating experience to an opportunity for personal growth and imagination.

Importantly, the book and activities highlight the “wonders that waiting can bring.” By drawing parallels between waiting and natural processes like growth and metamorphosis, children are encouraged to see waiting as a potentially transformative and positive experience. This perspective can help shift their mindset from impatience to curiosity about what might develop over time.

Creative exercises, such as drawing a “far from boring picture” or creating an acrostic poem about boredom, provide outlets for self-expression and help children engage with the concepts in a hands-on manner. These activities not only reinforce the book’s messages but also demonstrate that waiting time can be used productively and enjoyably.

Colouring pages from the book

The document also notes that while the book’s illustrations are beautifully drawn, some of the colouring pages may have imperfect lines or slight grey areas. However, it encourages children to embrace these imperfections and “go with the flow,” reinforcing the broader message of adaptability and patience.

Overall, this book from Marina Ruiz, along with our accompanying activities, offers a comprehensive approach to teaching children patience and how to cope with boredom.

By combining storytelling, reflection, and creative exercises, the book provides a platform for important conversations about patience, personal growth, and the beauty that can emerge when we allow things to unfold in their own time.

In an age of immediate results, this book serves as a gentle reminder that some of life’s most wonderful experiences and transformations require us to simply wait and observe.

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The image shows a children's book titled "In Time" alongside a promotional message encouraging teaching patience to kids, with a link to download resources.

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