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Fun sad activity for kids: With the Cat Who Couldn’t be Bothered

We’ve got a another amazing book for you in our wellbeing free book club for kids, The Cat Who Couldn’t be Bothered. Reading this book, and combing it with our worksheets is a wonderful sad activity for kids to do; helping them to understand the emotion, and also creating empathy for other’s too.

Don’t forget to join our book club so you get access to the eBook for free before you download our activity pack for it.

The pack (scroll down to the button and image to download) consists of 15 pages, including some fun activities, and coloring, alongside a few sheets to help children understand that it is OK for us to be sad. Avoiding our sadness isn’t healthy. It’s OK to sit with it, and work through it, and things will get better if we do what we know we need to when we are sad.

The image features a promotional flyer offering a free download of activity materials for kids about managing sadness, with cat-themed items and worksheets.

What’s the Cat Who Couldn’t be Bothered about?

The image shows a book cover titled "The CAT who COULDN'T BE BOTHERED" by Jack Kurland. A lazy cat lies near a ball of yarn.

This books is a charming tale all about Greg, and how he really doesn’t want to do anything at all. Just nothing. It’s fantastic because it:

  • Introduces the concept of emotions: This book is a fantastic tool for helping children understand that it’s completely normal to feel sad sometimes, providing reassurance during their emotional development, and helping with regulation.
  • Promotes mmpathy among readers: By exploring the cat’s feelings and reasons for his behavior, the story encourages kids to think about why someone might not want to participate in activities, fostering a sense of empathy towards others.
  • Encourages open communication: The story highlights the importance of asking friends how they’re feeling and talking about one’s emotions, teaching kids the value of open communication about mental health.
  • Balances fun with serious topics: Despite tackling the complex issue of feelings, the book maintains a sense of fun and engagement through the cat’s quirky character, making it an enjoyable read that still addresses important topics.
  • Ideal for both children and adults: With its humorous approach and meaningful message, the book appeals to both kids and adults, making it a perfect story for family reading time or classroom discussions. It’s nice to read a book to our kids that is light-hearted about a serious topic.
  • Facilitates discussions on mental health: This bright and accessible book serves as an excellent resource for starting conversations about emotional well-being and the significance of caring for oneself and others, making it more crucial than ever in today’s world. It is important to accept that we WILL be sad and understand that this is OK from an early age. Avoiding negative emotions isn’t a goo long-term strategy. It’s important to accept that life has its ups and downs.

Preview of the sad activity pack for the book

We’ve got a few examples for you to check out for the pack, if you want to see it all though, you’ll need to scroll down to the button below, and download it. The activity pack comes as a 15-page PDF. In order to get a copy of the eBook for free, you need to join our kids book club – it is the April 2024 book. After this, you can purchase on Amazon.

We have a couple of the usual coloring sheets for you of course, alongside some wonderful activities from the publisher to keep your kids busy:

There are also some ideas for exploring sadness with your children too:

To get the whole set – just click on the button and image below:

We really hope you love these – and don’t forget to join the shelf care book club so you get the book for free – if its April 2024.

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We really hope that you love these books, ideas and activities, and do pop back and see us when you can. We’ve got loads of other amazing ideas – why not join our weekly newsletter?

Or check out the printable activities and ideas we have on the site too?

Take care,

The image shows a colorful advertisement for a free kids' activity book titled "The Cat Who Couldn't be Bothered," with a cat-themed worksheet, cat toys, and a bowl of cat food.

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