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Reading is a fundamental part of education, but reading can also be a lot of fun! It’s so important to help cultivate our kids love of books at an early age. But reading is so important for them at any stage in their development. From reading to your toddler to finding books for your older kids to read on their own. We have a section dedicated to some wonderful books recommendations, book reviews, and so many more books for kids and book related activities.

It can be overwhelming, so to help you we want to give you a bit of an idea as to what you can expect to find.

For example,

If you are looking for activities to complement your kids favorite books we have many of those as well as actual review and recommendations of books for your kids.

Many of the most popular books are also turned into films, and we have a lot of film and movie resources based on some of your kids favourite stories. It’s lovely to see them come to life, isn’t it?

We hope that you make your way through all of our new posts and some from the archives to find some fab books for kids.