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Daily challenges are something that we love here at KiddyCharts. They are a fun way to keep your family focused on a longer term project whilst still making it manageable for the kids. Our daily challenges can range from a week, month, and even 100 activities for you to do! The best part about these daily challenges for kids is that you can begin at any time, and you don’t have to follow the calendar.

These challenges are set to do what suits your family and works for your kids. Do you want to take a look at some of the daily challenges that we offer? We hope you browse through the category, but we also have some great examples to give you a better idea as to what you can find.

Weekly challenges

There is a lovely 14 day magazine reading challenge for your kids. And we know they’ll love this one as it helps them keep their tables or mobiles to do it. It’s a fun one for reading e-magazines, so why not take a look?

We also have a self-care challenge for parents that is similar to the magazine reading challenge for kids, so why not take part together?

Monthy challenges

Our most popular are our monthly challenges that can either be 30 or 31 days. These range from,

  • 31 days of kids colouring pages,
  • 31 days of learning activities, and
  • A 30 day drawing challenge.

Whatever sort of activity you are looking for your kids you will find it here – or elsewhere on the site, as we have so much to choose from. Try our board game design here just as one other example. We hope that you take part in our fun challenges for kids. Have fun!