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Design and make your own board game #31DaysOfLearning

Today Penny Plays is helping us to design and make our very own board game in 31 Days of Learning. Take it away, Penny! I’m a firm believer in the idea that kids learn best when they are having fun. Board games are an excellent example of this and learning to make your own board game is so much fun!

Children can learn about everything from the basics of turn taking, counting and recognising numbers on dice, through to things much more strategic. Simple games like Snake and Ladders and Ludo can provide a great introduction to the world of board games, but children’s fun can only be limited by their imagination when you invite them to make their own board games. Whatever you fancy making though, we are showing you how to make a board game for loads of fun with the kids. You can even come up with your own games ideas if you want, of course.

31 days of learning.

Once children are familiar with board games in general, they don’t really need much more knowledge to be able to come up with one of their own. It doesn’t take much to create your own board game if you have imagination. At a simple level they could just make a roll and count game where a die is rolled and players work their way around a designed track.

Older children might like to introduce an element of chance. They can get a little more adventurous with their create your own board game project. That could be as simple as something like the snakes and ladders ideas that they might be already familiar with, or maybe a square that tells you to miss a turn. For children who are confident writing they could include having to pick up a chance card when you land on certain squares.  This might tell you to miss a turn, move forward extra spaces, or even go back a few spaces.

What do you need for your diy board game

In terms of what is needed to make your own game – you really don’t need much at all. An old cereal box makes an excellent game board, but a piece of paper will work just as well. An assortment of felt tip pens is just perfect to draw out their board design and make it nice and clear. You might want to create your own game cards, so perhaps some white card too.

Design and make your own board game - 31 Days of Learning

Most of us can find a die or a pair of dice lying about the house. Inventive kids could go a step further and make their own spinner, or even just scraps of paper with numbers on and draw one out of a bag for each turn.

For counters you can either borrow some game pieces from another game, or use something as simple as buttons or Lego blocks. Creating you own unique board game design can be so much fun, and really helps with kids imaginations.

Design and make your own board game - 31 Days of Learning

My daughter went one step further and used 2×1 Lego blocks as a basis for more elaborate counters to fit in with the theme of her game. All she needed was some blu-tac and a few scraps of paper.

Where to start with your how to make a game board efforts

Encourage children to decide on the style of game they want first and then draw out their board. It really needn’t be complicated at all. If your children are confident with numbers you could ask them to number the spaces – much as you get on a Snakes and Ladders board.

Design and make your own board game - 31 Days of Learning

If children have a specific interest or passion they may like to theme their board around it. You could even choose your counters appropriately. If you have some small dinosaur toys these would work brilliantly as counters for a dinosaur themed game. Other small collectible toys would also be the perfect size for this.

Enjoy the game

Once the board is complete and you’ve got counters and dice you’re all ready to play. Board games are a brilliant way to bring a family together and children are bound to get a certain sense of pride in knowing that they’ve designed the game themselves.

As a grown up you just have to hope your child hasn’t come up with something quite as competitive as Monopoly just yet!

Amazingly, when my daughter was little (this is Helen now by the way!) – my daughter invented her own game of Monopoly, so once you have completed Penny’s game, why not try to Create Your Own Monopoly too!?!?

We do love a good board game on KiddyCharts actually – so why not check these ideas out too?

Board game fun!

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We hope you love our how to build a board game activity

We really hope you love our how to build a board game activity? It’s easier than you might think, right! This board game activity is not only fun but also encourages creativity and strategic thinking. With a few simple materials and a dash of imagination, you can create a game that rivals anything you’d find at a board game cafe.

Tips for designing YOUR own board game

When you get around to designing a board game after you have read our ideas, consider what kind of experience you want your players to have. Should it be a high-energy race against time, or a thoughtful strategy game? Your board game designs can reflect this vision.

For example, you might create a game where players navigate a haunted house, chasing after a green ghost. Or perhaps they’re competing to fill their fun bucket with as many plastic balls as possible before time runs out. The possibilities are endless!

Making playtime more fun

Remember, the goal is to create a fun game that everyone will enjoy. Think about what makes your favourite tabletop games so engaging. Is it the thrill of competition? The joy of achieving a goal? The excitement of unexpected twists and turns? Use these elements to inspire your own game.

In conclusion, designing your own board game is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. Not only does it spark creativity and problem-solving skills, but it also results in a unique game that you can play again and again. So why not give it a try? You might just discover your new favourite pastime!

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Thanks for coming as always.


Penny writes about life in general over at Penny Blogs, but also has an online home devoted to toys and games - Penny Plays. There she reviews modern games as well as writing about vintage board games that she’s found in charity shops and at car boot sales. Check her out on social too! Twitter,Facebook,Pinterest andInstagram.

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