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Home learning

We know that many of you come to our site for home learning materials. Especially after what we are still living through, it is important that you know that we have and will continue having many home learning resources for you to choose from.

So, what type of activities do we have for you? Well, in a nutshell we have A LOT! There are so many printables on our site ranging from activities that you can do with your kids home learning, to checklists and challenges to do outside the house.

Or how about activities to help the kids learn new skills. Or maybe complimentary tasks that go hand in hand with what they are learning at school?

So much to share with you, so let’s take a sneak peek at some of them, shall we?

Outdoor checklists and challenges

Learning activities

We have many activities for your kids home learning development. From maths to literacy, there is so much to help kids get ahead in school. Like, these fun math worksheets.

Those are some of our printables but we also have a lot of home learning activities for your kids, just take a look at the site.

Why not take a look at these posts;

We know that if you sit down, grab a cuppa, and get to know the site you will find so many wonderful activities for your kids. Take a look and happy hunting!

Indoor obstacle course cards for the summer and beyond

We KNOW that you want to be getting out and about this summer, and beyond. Sometimes though, the weather lets us down, but we still need ideas for the kids to get them active; so we have created some indoor obstacle course cards for the summer and beyond for you to print out and use with your children either at home or in the classroom. These are another exclusive set of printables for those that are in our FREE Time to Pee club, so sign up and then sign in as soon as you can so you can download them …

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Cutting activities for toddlers: Road trip

Who doesn’t love a road trip? We gave you a planner for one a few weeks ago – and today we have an activity for the car instead in our TIme to Pee club. This is a simple, three pager for you, with cutting activities for toddlers with a bit of a road trip theme for them. Something for them to do on a road trip stop, or a few days before you head off to build the anticipation for them. You must be a member of the Time to Pee Club to download this one – it is our …

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Pretend play pack for restaurants: What will your kids be?

We have a treat for all those of you who love watching their classes or kids entertain themselves through the power of pretend play; with an amazing set of activity sheets perfect for restaurant fun! There are 20 pages included within this pretend play pack, and it is perfect for kids from toddlers to primary age, so loads of potential to keep those little ones entertained. This is an exclusive for members of our FREE time to pee club on the site, so just sign up and it is yours. We hope you like this, and it is worth joining …

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Spring worksheets: Writing prompts for kids

This set of spring worksheets is FREE to you if you are a member of our Time to Pee membership club, so why not join today just by giving us your email? It is completely free to do so! Do consider our other options too and everything in our shop is then free 😍 We have some gorgeous spring worksheets for you today – including some great spring writing prompts to get the kids creative juices flowing around the season. This consists of 11 pages of fun, with a number of different prompts for the kids based around pictures, and …

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