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7 types of innovative math games that every kindergartner will love

Maths has never been the love of our life, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be for your kids. Why not embark on a journey of fun and learning with your kindergartner through the enchanting world of math games designed just for them! These seven innovative games are crafted to capture little imaginations while effortlessly weaving in essential mathematical concepts. What’s not to love about that?

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From counting colorful caterpillars to racing rubber ducks, each activity is brimming with excitement and interactive play. Whether your child is hopping along a number line or digging for treasure with measurements, these game experiences promise to engage and inspire a lifelong love for numbers.

So you don’t have to work out the way to help you kids learn – we have done it. Now you can discover how Math playtime can transform into powerful learning moments for the kids. If you need more inspiration, do check out our other Maths activities on site as well.

Maths games for kids: Kindergarten rules!

These 7 math games designed to educate young kids. They blend playtime with essential skills, ensuring education is as enjoyable as it is valuable. There are a lot of online games to help, but we are, as always focused on activities and printable worksheets, so check out these cool math games for your kids now:

1. Counting caterpillars

Step into the whimsical world of Counting Caterpillars, a delightful activity where your kindergartner will mix fun with learning new skills. Picture your child’s eagerness as they gather colorful pieces, each adorned with a different number, to build their very own caterpillar. A fun, exciting game, but a quick game for a little learner.

With every segment they connect, they practice their counting skills in a tactile way. This interactive game reinforces number sequences and helps young minds grasp the concept of quantity through engaging play that feels like a joyful craft project rather than a math lesson.

If you fancy a printable, we have our very own caterpillar onsite 😂 🐛

In the image, children are engaging in a caterpillar skip counting activity to learn numbers up to 2022.

2. Matching games

Matching games serve as a powerful tool in the kindergarten classroom, turning ordinary math practice into interactive fun math games. They are a superb resource for reinforcing number recognition, sorting, and early problem-solving skills. Matching games are also easy to find online. 

One example are the matching games offered by ABCmouse. As one of the leaders in providing interactive math learning for kids, ABCmouse is an expert at using engaging graphics to captivate learners. With each correct match, kindergartners build a stronger foundation in math.

We do also have some matching games on KiddyCharts too – what about this clown game as well?

We have a great game to help kids with learning colours - a clown colour matching game. Why not pop over and download now - it's free! #colours #colors #learningcolors #learningcolours #learning #nursery #preschool #clowns

3. Have a rubber duck race

Splash into learning with an exciting rubber duck race that is a fun game to captivate any kindergartner. Picture the bathtub or a small pool transforming into a racetrack where each rubber duck is marked with a number. As your little one cheers them on, they’ll engage in math lessons. 

They’ll add and subtract the numbers based on which ducks waddle to the forefront or linger behind. This game makes bathtime fun and sneaks in valuable arithmetic practice, helping children understand numerical values in an interactive and dynamic aquatic adventure.

4. Teen-numbers math bingo

Dive into the fun of teen-numbers math bingo, where your kindergartner gets to shout “Bingo!” while mastering those tricky teen numbers; helping to learn more complex math concepts. By creating cards populated with numbers 11 through 19, this game cleverly tackles a concept that children often find challenging. 

As you call out numbers or present simple math problems that sum up to a teen number, their little eyes will scan their bingo cards in search of the answer. But, if this game is still a bit challenging for them you can start them off with a summer bingo printable game, like this one, which is word based. You can progress on to numbers when they get the hang of it – you will have to help them out, of course, though.

Another great activity in our summer series - Sumemr Bingo - do check out the others in our Summer Coutndown!

5. Treasure hunt measurements

Embark on a thrilling escapade with treasure hunt measurements, where your kindergartner becomes both an explorer and a mathematician. As they seek out hidden treasures around the house, daycare, or backyard, they’re also delving into the world of measurement. 

With each clue, they measure distances using items like strings or blocks, converting their steps into numbers, creating a twist on classic games and devfeloping number skills at the same time. This adventure not only introduces them to important mathematical concepts such as length and width but also encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

6. Number line jumps

Transform your floor into a mathematical playground with Number Line Jumps—an energizing and simple idea for free math games that kindergartners will love. Your child will become a nimble number navigator, hopping along a line of digits sprawled across the ground and practicing counting forwards and backward. 

This lively activity does more than just teach numbers. It helps young learners understand sequencing and spatial awareness while giving them a dose of physical exercise. It’s a great way to make math kinetic, memorable, and incredibly fun for those early educational years.

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7. Stack cups and count to 10

Stack Cups and Count to 10 offers your kindergartners a hands-on math fun experience. Watch them concentrate as they stack cups, each labeled with bold numerals up to ten, building their skill level one step at a time. To complete the task, they have to place the cups in the same combination as shown in a card you create.

Not only does this activity cement their understanding of quantity and reinforce number recognition, but it also fine-tunes motor skills as they handle small items and carefully build their numerical towers. Who knew stacking could stack up so much learning?

Now it’s your turn to bring the magic of the math playground into your home and watch as your kindergartner’s eyes light up with understanding and joy. Don’t let these opportunities for growth and learning math in a fun way slip away. Choose a game, set the stage for adventure, and create unforgettable learning experiences that will lay a strong foundation for their mathematical journey.

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Some of them are ideal for classroom use too. Some of them even work for older children from 2nd grade, through 3rd grade and 4th grade. You can check out what we have to see whether it works for you, your children, or your classroom. Download whatever you need to create your . Wecustom assignments. We do have a number square to help learn place value to download free on site too.

Why not take a look at some of these Maths games on site now?

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If you aren’t sure what you would like, then do contact us. We can answer questions for you on any of our resources. 

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