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Toddlers are interesting, aren’t they? While each stage of our kids development is fun to watch the toddler stage is absoutely fascinating. This is the stage where our children are curious about the world, and are interested in touching everything and finding out how it really works, this can be encouraged more by introducing some toddler activities.

We know that this stage is so important for your kids and that as toddlers they are a sponge for so much knowledge. That is why we want to help you make the most of it with a variety of toddler activities to suit your needs and whet your kids learning appetite.

We offer many crafts activities on the site as these crafts are perfect in helping your kids fine motor skills develop. As well as sharing with you craft ideas there is a wide range of printables, too. Why not try these ones for toddlers all about France?

Our printables range from colouring sheets, matching games, and even resources to help your kids take the important step of learning and writing their numbers as well as their letters. They will surely be proud when they can write their name, and you will be too!

If you want an idea of what you can find on our toddlers page, take a look at some of our most popular activities:

  • Teach your kids letters with watercolor painting,
  • There’s a LEGO building challenge to help with recgonizing and using the popular building bricks to practice their letters, and
  • How about learning to color within the lines.

We have so many fun activities for your toddlers, so do take a look! And there are also some resources to help parents thorugh this stage.

We hope you find our advice useful and that our activites and free printables help your toddlers through this crucial stage.