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Using reward charts can really help your kids with their learning - check out our tips! #learning #kids #rewardcharts
Reward Charts

How to make learning fun with reward charts

We are all striving to find a way to help our kids to understand that learning isn’t a chore, but a way to help find joy in the world around us. From mathematics in nature, to the geology under our feet, and the lifecycle of a butterfly; learning is a means to understand more about […]

by Helen • November 8, 2017
Download these two valentine reward chart designs, you can get the kids to colour them if you want as well - more buy in better results!
Free printable activities & reward charts Reward Charts

Valentine reward charts

It is February, and you just can’t get away from the fact that Valentines Day is around the corner, so we have put together some simple track based Valentine reward charts with a bit of a love theme for you and the kids; just in case there are any pressing challenges that you would like some […]

by Helen • February 9, 2016
Do you struggle to get kids to do chores around the house? We have a guest bogging with some great ideas on how to encourage kids to do their chores, so it doesn't become a battle everytime!
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Printable chore charts: 4 tips for starting chores at any age

  This is a guest post from the lovely Melissa, at CloudMom. Chores for kids! I have five kids, and we all manage to live in a New York City apartment. To keep everything running smoothly, I’ve come to rely on everyone doing their part! Now, kids instinctively despise chores and they’re pretty darn good […]

by Melissa Lawrence • March 31, 2015
Christmas Reward Chart
Reward Charts

Christmas Reward Chart

  Christmas is almost upon us and many of our children are getting tired as the autumn term comes to a close.  For those children who are in their first year of school they will have had to adjust to long school days and nativity play practices, as well as all manner of other Christmas […]

by Helen • December 19, 2014
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Using charts to help with the age old problem of bedwetting

Reward charts have been known to help with so many of our parenting challenges. How to get children more involved with cleaning up their toys, doing their homework, taking out the trash…the list goes on and on. But did you know that charts can also be an integral part of helping to end bedwetting, the […]

by Jacob Sagie • June 4, 2014
Easter Bunny chart to download free
Free printable activities & reward charts Reward Charts

Come on our Easter Bunny and egg hunt with our new free chart!

It isn’t long until Easter now is it? A month and all our litte ones will be covered in chocolate, and we will be helping them eat it; for their own good of course ;-) We are already waiting with baited breath to see what the Easter Bunny will bring in our house… We like […]

by Helen • April 2, 2014
Behaviour Charts for Valentines: Header
Free printable activities & reward charts Reward Charts

FREE loveable valentines behaviour charts for your little loves

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to guest post on the wonder Red Ted Art within her Epic 31 days of love series. We put together some heart-themed printables for her readers, and I am now sharing them with you as well…they are simply gorgeous valentines behaviour charts for your little ones to use […]

by Helen • February 12, 2014
Reward Charts

Good rewards for kids: 17 top reward ideas FOR kids BY kids!

What makes good rewards for kids when you are using one of our progress charts or reward charts? I have written about what rewards you can choose for your reward charts in the past – and what often works well is doing something that gives your kids a little bit of one-to-one time. Anything from […]

by Helen • June 28, 2013
Rewards for kids: giving a little time goes a long way
Reward Charts

Rewards for kids: Maybe all they want is time?

We often get asked about what rewards are suitable to be used with our reward charts; what rewards for kids do we recommend? So not being one to remain silent, I thought it sensible to write a blog post on it to address this with everyone. Time…. That’s what my kids like the most; granted […]

by Helen • December 3, 2012
Reward Charts

Reward charts for kids: Make YOURSELF proud

So whats the point? Do reward charts for kids actually work? You sell them – so why on earth should I bother carrying on reading this…you are BIASED…. But wait, yes I am, but not because I sell them…. ….because they have helped me with my kids, and continue to help my friends too. They have […]

by Helen • September 19, 2012