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Christmas Reward Chart

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christmas reward chart


Christmas is almost upon us and many of our children are getting tired as the autumn term comes to a close.  For those children who are in their first year of school they will have had to adjust to long school days and nativity play practices, as well as all manner of other Christmas activities that come with being at school.

All school holidays come with challenges, so we have a wonderful Christmas reward chart for you to tackle some of those challenging issues that come with tiredness.

Even better though, because it is a track based chart, you may just want to use it to show your child just how well they are doing at a particular task. For example,sleeps until Santa, or just to give them a little encouragement to practice their handwriting.

As with all our charts, they are free and flexible, so you can do what you would like with them; and most importantly, what suits your children.


Christmas Reward Chart

Click the image to download your Christmas Reward Chart


You might like our other personalised charts too, so do nip along and take a look. Lots of themes for your kids tastes, and free to print of course.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.