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Pretend play offers so many benefits for your kids. And to encourage pretend play we have a section dedicated to it that we know will bring you some useful information and tips.

Pretend play allows your kids to;

  • learn about themselves,
  • learn about the world around them, and their place in it,
  • learn social skills, and also,
  • learn problem solving skills.

We have so many activities for your kids to enjoy. These activities can be either printables or not. We’ve also some great toy recommendations too.

Let’s take a look at what you can find on our site.

Free printables for pretend play

Your kids can pretend that they are mermaids with our printable to help them find out their mermaid name! Or what about downloading our alien finger puppets?

We have a lovely series on the site that is all about clowns and that we know kids absolutely love. Take a look;

As you can see there is a variety of activities for you and your kids to choose from that will help them be as imaginative as they want to be.

Why is pretend play good for kids?

We touched a bit on the benefits of pretend play for kids at the beginning of this article, but let’s talk about more specific reasons why this type of play does kids so much good.

Firstly, it teaches motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Playing with dolls, for example, takes dexterity. Your child’s little fingers will need to be delicate enough to dress the doll and manouver it within a doll house.

Secondly, using the same example, your kids will learn more about real-life scenarios and be able to try out different solutions in a safe environment. If you leave your kids alone, you can see how they act out certain scenarios using their imagination.

Enjoy the resources we have on the site!