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Who doesn’t love a good cake? From a popular sprinkles cake recipe to tips on how to get that birthday cake right every time, we have a variety of cake recipes for kids, advice, and yummy goodness overall!

Birthday cake ideas

Cakes are synonymous with birthdays, and if you are looking for recipes for your kids next birthday cake then keep reading because we have a lot of great recipes. If you want to find a good birthday cake recipe or one that is as unique as your child, then take a look at these next recipes.

Why not make something unique, such as;

You don’t have to make a cake that is exclusive for a birthday. It’s always a good time for cake, isn’t it? Cake isn’t just for parties, though they do help, of course. If you are looking for party ideas on site, as well as cakes, we have loads of those – check out our winter party ideas here.

Why not make cakes for … afternoon tea, holidays, family gatherings, or just because. We also have a lot of yummy cookie recipes for kids and just like baking cookies, baking cakes also helps your kids learn about different concepts.

How baking helps kids learn

Baking cakes can help your kids learn about science, as the way that the ingredients react can be a science experiment! The way that the baking soda reacts with the other ingredients and the heat is something that every science loving kid will enjoy learning about and watching firsthand.

Another great concept kids can learn through baking is maths. From measuring out ingredients to counting the amount of items that the recipe will yield. Baking is about more than just eating something yummy. Though I am sure that is part of what will inspire your little ones.

Try out our cake recipes and either bake your kids something delicious or bake together as a family. Either way, you will definitely enjoy yourselves.

Have a browse to find your new favorite recipe!