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Most kids love pasta, that’s probably why you’re here right? You are looking for some delicious pasta recipes for kids. If that’s the case, you are in the right place! If you want some traditional pasta recipes or you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous we have a lot of recipes that your family, especially the kids, will love.

How many of us have had our kids go through a pasta phase? Sometimes as parents we may worry when our kids become obsessed with one particular food or only want to stay within one food group. But did you know that sometimes it’s not a bad thing?

We may be worried that carb laden or starchy foods are harmful for our kids and may want to banish them from their diets altogether. That’s not necessary as there are benefits to your kids eating pasta, too.

High in energy

Our kids brains are growing rapidly, and the carbohydrates that are in pasta give our kids the fuel that they need for their brains to grow. They also give them the fuel that they need to make it through the day. Carbs aren’t a bad thing, you know. These carbs help our kids use the energy that they provide when they are playing with their friends, running in the playground, or swimming during swimming lessons.

Use pasta as a vessel

Did you know that you can use pasta as a sort of vessel? If you have fussy eaters at home, why not use the pasta that they love to hide in some goodness?

We have a recipe for strawberries and cream pasta, that although sounds a bit strange, will help you to get your kids to eat anything!

Pasta is perfect as well, because you can hide vegeteables in there. Or introduce meats that your child won’t usually eat. Some kids are fussy about meat, but most kids will wolf down a bolognese, right?!

Have a look at some of our pasta recipes for kids, and find something to make today.