15 of the best ideas for turkey leftovers recipes

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It is THAT time of year again; we are coming up to Christmas and Thanksgiving, and everyone is going to have got far too much Turkey. We are all going to need to know what to DO with all those turkey leftovers; and as always, we are nothing but helpful here on KiddyCharts. We have looked for some great ideas for you for your Turkey leftovers, so that you don’t get fed up of the site of it by the time the year ends.

We have the BEST ideas for turkey leftovers on the site - why not go and take a look so you know exactly what to do bird at Xmas or Thanksgiving!

Why not have a go at some of these wonderful recipes?

  1. The Gingerbread House has some rather gorgeous pastry squares with chestnut, and kalettes; perfect for turkey leftovers. Sumptuous looking,
  2. If you have the carcass left, why not make your own simple turkey stock with this recipe from Kitchen Counter Chronicle,
  3. Here is a one pot meal for turkey leftovers – perfectly simple and tasty for both Thanksgiving and Christmas from Adventures in Mommydom,
  4. Turkey and biscuits – don’t scoff, go over and take a look at the recipe on Encouraging Mums at Home,
  5. If you are watching the waist-line; how about this recipe idea for Weight Watchers from Slap Dash Mom. Turkey chilli is an excellent way to use your leftovers,
  6. Slap Dash Mom also has a lovely turkey grilled sandwich as well, so she must have been busy with the turkey over the years…!
  7. Tacos are a wonderful way to get messy, and have a bit of fun with turkey leftovers, and The Soccer Mom Blog as a great recipe for you,
  8. Wondermom Wannabee has a lovely idea for a turkey noodle casserole; another twist on the turkey for you to try,
  9. Eats Amazing has a glorious alternative to traditional turkey and cranberry with some festive bagels to die for. Bet the kids will LOVE these,
  10. Sixth Bloom has an amazing Gumbo recipe for us all,
  11. Playing with food shouldn’t be encouraged unless its Eats Amazing again, and why not try these Rudolph & reindeer roll ups,
  12. The Typical Mom claims to have come up with a recipe that everyone will love; turkey pockets, so why not have a look?
  13. Mom Dot has a spot of turkey pasta for us to make with our turkey leftovers; who doesn’t love a bit of pasta?
  14. We love the slow cooker, and Sunshine and Hurricanes recipe for turkey and ham works well in there, and finally
  15. How about something barbecued for a change after Christmas or Thanksgiving? There’s Just One Mummy has a great recipe for you if this is something you are a bit partial to.

If you haven’t started salivating after all that – you are DEAD inside!

We have the BEST ideas for turkey leftovers on the site - why not go and take a look so you know exactly what to do bird at Xmas or Thanksgiving!

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  • These are great ideas! We had Thanksgiving in October so we don’t have any left haha, but I will remember this for next year!

  • These are some great ideas. Reminds me when we used to have turkey on Thanksgiving and all the leftovers. They tasted fine for a couple days but needed some spicing up after that.

  • So many great ideas! I’m definitely going to have to come back here after Thanksgiving! We always have so much turkey leftover!

  • The turkey will never lose sight of the thanksgiving party. I love to try new turkey recipes. and these are such an amazing tips to try.

  • I love the taco idea because I would have never thought of doing that with turkey leftovers. Plus, my kids can’t get enough of tacos so I’m sure it would be a new twist on a trusted hit in my house.

  • I’m vegan and don’t eat turkey but these are some amazing tips. I’m sure people always have a lot of leftovers after thanksgiving…

  • these recipes look so easy to prepare. I will def try to make this for the whole family. This my kind of a Thanksgiving treat.

  • Wow, I have never tried to make turkey recipes and those looks really delicious and easy. I will try to make this for my kids, thanks for sharing!

  • Well this was perfect timing! I did start salivating.My BFF makes a spectacular turkey noodle soup with her turkey leftovers every year. It’s really light and nice to have in the cooler weather!

  • I’ve made Turkey tacos before and they taste delicious. I have not had turkey for 2 years now since live alone and away from family. Hope somebody feeds me this thanksgiving lol

  • My aunt would have loved so many recipes for turkey leftovers! She usually cooked one on Christmas even though the only people in the family who liked turkey were her and my mum.

  • These all sound like delicious recipes to make with the leftovers turkey. If I get some leftover meat I usually make curry out of it the next day.

  • I think the one I would try first is the turkey noodle casserole! They all sound delicious! What I generally do first is warm up the turkey-heat up 2 slices of bread–stick the turkey and cranberry sauce between those slices and eat!

  • I really enjoyed eating Thanksgiving leftovers and trying to redo it with a new recipe. It just that we are not having a leftover when it comes to turkey, Hahaha!

  • One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is all of the leftovers. I love to find new recipes to try with ALL that turkey leftover!

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