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hands of women helps child to washes his hands
Healthy lifestyle tips

Easy steps for treating burns or scalds on your kids

There is always an increased risk of children getting burnt on Bonfire Night – kids can easily get over excited and run around, getting too close to the fire which is a potentially dangerous situation of course. Burns are horrible and the pain and damage caused can be devastating. Knowing what to do if this should happen can make […]

by Helen • November 6, 2015
Did you take Vitamin D supplements in pregnancy - do you know the facts? This is a really helpful inforgraphic for Vitamin D deficiency,
Healthy lifestyle tips

Did you take Vitamin D supplements in pregnancy?

We all try to eat healthy balanced diets when we are pregnant. We like to do it, we want to help that little one growing inside us to have the healthiest start in life, and watching what we eat is one thing that mothers feel they have control of. Typically, while most other things in […]

by Helen • July 10, 2015
Breastfeeding is tough. That was how I felt throughout my feeding time with both my kids. Sometimes we aren't told just how different it can be for each mum, and we feel we HAVE to keep feeding through the tears. Realism is important for breastfeeding mums. This is my story of breast thrush, mastitis and mummy guilt.
Healthy lifestyle tips

Breast thrush: My breastfeeding nightmare #bressure

I haven’t been brave enough to talk about my breast-feeding journey yet. Breast thrush – who knew you could get that, right? My daughter and I had our early weeks together blighted by it. I still bare the scars. It’s has been nearly ten years now, and I think it is about time I told […]

by Helen • May 28, 2015
I KNOW this is a tough subject, and you might wonder why I am writing about it...but my personal experiences tell me how hard it is for women to choose hysterectomies, so they can have no more children. In the case of a prolapsed uterus, this may not be needed, so we need to educate women on Sacrohysteropexy so they can make a more informed choice.
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The pelvic clinic: Does a prolapsed uterus = no more kids?

Forgive me for the graphic nature of this post, but it IS important to discuss these things. Prolasped uterus aren’t as un-usual as you might think, and its critical that women have a choice as to next steps. We’ve had an Easter craft post already this week, so I feel its OK to get a bit more […]

by Helen • March 24, 2015
We know brushing your kids teeth can be a real chore - well in this technological age, there is a solution! Here are 8 apps that make brushing your kids teeth fun!
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8 apps to make tooth brushing a treat in your house

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias. “Come on – we’ll be late for school it you don’t do those teeth NOW!” I am pretty sure I am not the only mum in the world who seems to say this about fifty billion times […]

by Helen • March 22, 2015
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Teething: 5 tips to ease the pain for your baby

Any parent knows that the crying from a baby who has painful gums due to teething is heart wrenching. My little boy suffered badly, and screamed so loud I thought my heart would burst. Any help you can give to ease the pain in the gums is most welcome; both to parents and to the […]

by Helen • March 18, 2015
Do you have a sick child? How do you make that call between sending your child to school or staying at home?
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What do you do if your kids take a sick day?

I thought we were done with the winter colds and fevers but alas, no, here in spring term and I have my youngest off. All 3 had days off towards the end of the autumn term just as the Christmas productions were beginning. He has been complaining on and off all week about not feeling well […]

by Helen • March 12, 2015
Sometimes we all need a special place to go to gather our thoughts, and I have been using the same place for over ten years.
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Saffron Walden Common: Finding calm in a-mazing spaces #BetterPlaces

Over ten years ago, my husband and I come on holiday to Suffolk, and from there we went for a walk that took in a little town called Saffron Walden. I’d never heard of it before, but my husband went there as a child. We sat on a bench there and chatted…in that carefree way that you […]

by Helen • February 25, 2015
get active
Healthy lifestyle tips

Get active together as a family

  Being active is very important for our family, not least because our little boy would cause chaos in the house if we didn’t get out and about and use up all that energy he seems to steal from me! Active body means an active mind We try and stay active both indoors and outdoors, […]

by Helen • February 4, 2015
returning to work
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Returning to work …. 5 top tips on leaving baby

It’s not easy returning to work after maternity leave. I have had two kids, and was back in the saddle after nine months with the first, and 11 months for the second. The second wasn’t any easier than the first. Practice does not make perfect when you’re a working mum. However, you can make the […]

by Helen • January 14, 2015