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7 reasons to embrace your natural beauty: No makeup needed!

We aren’t strong believers in wear make up – preferring the natural beauty look – obviously we know it exists, we just don’t use it do much ourselves. We do have resources for those that do of course, including this fabulous make up tracker. This is largely a personal choice brought on by not being able to sit still long enough (that’s the ADHD and wishing to stay in bed longer in the mornings 😂). Regardless of our personal choices, there are pretty good reasons for going make up free from time to time. Maybe even full-time like myself. So what about embracing it from time to time, just like Jamie Lee Curtis and Pamela Anderson’s comments about the natural beauty revolution?

The image is promoting a campaign to encourage people to embrace their natural beauty by not wearing makeup, and provides seven reasons to join the natural beauty revolution.

So what might be some key reasons for stepping out without make-up? Here are some of the reasons that we do it, why about you?

1. Unleash your inner confidence

Natural beauty, and feeling you are OK to go without the make up, believe it or not, CAN make you feel more confident. You might even be able to stun the world with your self-assurance. Not wearing makeup allows you to embrace your unique features and radiate confidence from within. You don’t need layers of foundation or mascara to feel beautiful; it is important to accept that your natural glow is more than enough.

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2. Celebrate authenticity

The natural beauty revolution is all about authenticity. It is all about saying:

This is me.”

Saying no to makeup lets you show the world who you really are—no filters, no pretense, just pure, unadulterated you. In the age of social media, it is refreshing to put the un-made up you out there for all to see. And to stand up and be proud about it.

In fact – should it even be a thing that more and more people are going without make-up? Let’s hope there comes a day that no-one even notices this is happening.

3. Promote skin health

While makeup can be fun and transformative, there are also downsides to using it, particularly if you don’t pay attention to the ingredients within the make up you are using. By choosing not to wear makeup, you give your skin a chance to breathe freely and stay healthy.

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4. It’s a time saver

This is the killer – you save so much time not using make up on the days you don’t wear it, you give yourself a little bit more time for other things. It enables a possible 10 – 15 minutes on that day for a spot of self-care.

5. Challenge societal pressures

The makeup-free look can be a powerful statement against societal pressures. By choosing not to wear makeup, you too are challenging traditional beauty standards and redefine what beauty means. This is clearly a really important point to make, and feels empowering. We don’t need to wear make up to be beautiful. We are beautiful as we are.

6. Be a positive role model for teens

Given the above point, not wearing make up is a strong message to those around us that we care about that we don’t have to wear make up to be beautiful or to be “fully dressed.” As a counsellor, the damage that can be done to children when we focus on what we look like outside, can be devastating. It is vital that we focus on what’s inside, and not place too much emphasis on appearance.

From a personal perspective, my mum never wore make-up, and perhaps this is one of the reasons I don’t either. She felt confident, and happy enough in the way she looked to not feel she needed it.

This is a strong and powerful message for parents to pass on to their children, their teens especially.

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7. Join a global movement

When you choose to go makeup-free, you’re not just making a personal decision. You’re joining a global movement that encourages acceptance and celebrates natural beauty. As Jamie Lee Curtis declared, “The natural beauty revolution has officially begun!” So why not hop on board and be part of this empowering journey?

Now, isn’t that a fabulous set of reasons to embrace your natural beauty? Remember, as Jamie Lee Curtis and Pamela Anderson have shown us, not wearing makeup doesn’t make you any less beautiful. On the contrary, it allows your true self to shine through, and there’s nothing more enchanting than that.

    Let’s celebrate this natural beauty revolution together and remember that we are all uniquely beautiful, makeup or no makeup! 🌸🌟

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    We hope to see you again on the site.

    Take care,

    People are being encouraged to join a revolution to embrace their natural beauty by wearing no makeup, and are being provided with seven reasons to do so from the website

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