Behaviour training tips for parents

Behaviour training tips for parents

Why it isn’t our jobs to make our kids happy all the time

If you give a child a toy they want, they will be happy. All parents want their children to be happy, but I want to argue that the all encompassing idea of a happy life has removed from view other important facets that make our life and those of our children far more fulfilling. So, here are 4 […]

by Annie the Nanny's Behaviour Intervention Services • March 29, 2016
Do you work with vulnerable children, or children generally, and need to know the signs that there is something going on at home that they perhaps need help with? For teachers, carers,and friends, we have some key things to look for in children to spot child abuse. It isn't a pleasant subject, but sadly spotting the sign of chid abuse are important for many child professionals.
Behaviour training tips for parents

16 things to look for to help spot vulnerable children

In the UK, over 950,000 children experience domestic abuse each year of which 30,000 will live in a refuge. Whether as direct victims of abuse or by witnessing violence, the experience is highly traumatic, often resulting in psychological and physical issues which continue into adulthood. Although there is now a clear acknowledgement of the harm that […]

by Helen • January 6, 2016
If you are struggling with your child's behaviour and they just aren't listening to you. This really is the answer.
Behaviour training tips for parents

One simple reason why your child isn’t listening to you

Isn’t it amazing how words like ‘ice cream’ or ‘park,’ or anything else that strikes kids as fun are heard right away. While anything boring, like it’s time to clean up your toys or go to bed, can sail right over their heads simply by your children pretending they never even heard it in the […]

by Annie the Nanny's Behaviour Intervention Services • November 12, 2015
Behaviour training tips for parents

The only way to offer your toddler choice to stop those meltdowns

I have to say I love having lots of choice. If I find a great top and it only comes in one colour, I’m disappointed. If it comes with tons of colour choices I’m going to feel much happier, even I pick the same colour every time. Ok, so I’m a creature of habit. We […]

by Annie the Nanny's Behaviour Intervention Services • October 28, 2015
What can you do if your child favours one parent over another? We have a chat about it...
Behaviour training tips for parents

How to manage when a child favours one parent

  Hello, we are back with another parenting snapshot with Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching.  This week we are talking about what to do if your child favours a certain parent, relative or friend. A child favouring one parent, or indeed any other adult, over another could purely just be her way of asserting […]

by Helen • October 9, 2015
How can you help your toddler with their speech development, and encourage them to be talking and chatting? We have some great ideas for you.
Behaviour training tips for parents

Tips to encourage your toddler’s speech development

  In this week’s hangout with Beckie Whitehouse, we are talking about speech and how we can help our toddlers with their speech development. First words are usually spoken at the age of around one and usually consist of dadda, mamma or nanna.  Dadda often comes first much to any mum’s disgust ;-)  Babies will […]

by Helen • October 2, 2015
Teaching our kids about road safety is something we should be doing from an early age. The sooner the better. Here is some advice on how to help our kids stay safe on the roads.
Behaviour training tips for parents

How to encourage road safety in your kids

With millions of cars on the road (and even more roads being built) road safety is even more important to teach your child and this week it is the focus of our discussion in the hangout we do regularly with Beckie Whitehouse. So, how do we start to explain about roads?  What is the best way? Teaching […]

by Helen • September 25, 2015
Building confident kids is something we all aspire too - helping our children be confident in life, friendships and themselves isn't easy - but here are ten great ways to inspire confidence in your children.
Behaviour training tips for parents

10 ways to help build confidence in your kids

  We all want our children to have a healthy confidence. We want them to feel happy about who they are and what they stand for. We want them to be able to accept their weaknesses as well as their strengths and be able to see the world as it really is. We also want […]

by Naomi Richards • September 23, 2015
So - what do you do if your kids are going to get a new sibling, and a new baby is going to enter the calm (cough) or your home? Here are some ideas to help introduce the idea of a new sibling to your little ones.
Behaviour training tips for parents

Preparing a child for a new sibling

  Welcome to another parenting tales from the sofa hangout with myself and Beckie Whitehouse where today we are discussing how to prepare your child the the arrival of a new sibling. Preparing your kids for the arrival of another baby in the household is something that needs to be done over a period of […]

by Helen • September 4, 2015
It isn't easy - even for an adult - dealing with disappointment, whether it s lower grade, a different class, or just something more simple. Here are some ideas to help out kids deal with those slightly tougher times....
Behaviour training tips for parents

How to help your child deal with disappointments

  This week, with Beckie Whitehouse, we are talking about facing disappointment.  As adults we often face disappointments in our lives and it is just the same for children, especially when they have put their all into a particular task and it has not quite worked out as they had planned. Children who are better […]

by Helen • August 28, 2015