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Math worksheets

We have lots of great worksheets for your kids on the site, and some of the ones our readers love the most are our math worksheets. These worksheets are so helpful for both parents and teachers alike. We know math can be a tricky subject for many kids, so we are pleased to be able to do what we can to help ease things and make them fun for kids too.

What can you find in our math worksheets and activities page?

Advice on math activies for kids

There is so much advice out there on what you can do to help your kids through math and learning math. We always like to bring you advice and practical options that will help the kids and here is some that we recommend.

Take a look at the 10 best learning apps for toddler, math apps are definitely included in the list, so do have a look. Or what about using UNO cards to play a math learning game? Learning to count with UNO cards is a fun game for kids.

Aside from the advice and tips we offer there are also some fun printables. Have a look at our math printables.

Math worksheets and printables

Math is a great starting point in life in general. It teaches children problem solving skills that they can then apply to all other areas of their lives. And math is the same in every language too! So if kids have a good concept of math they can easily learn to manage money, too.

Take a look at this section on our site and find a fun activity today!

Cutting activities for toddlers: Road trip

Who doesn’t love a road trip? We gave you a planner for one a few weeks ago – and today we have an activity for the car instead in our TIme to Pee club. This is a simple, three pager for you, with cutting activities for toddlers with a bit of a road trip theme for them. Something for them to do on a road trip stop, or a few days before you head off to build the anticipation for them. You must be a member of the Time to Pee Club to download this one – it is our …

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Pretend play pack for restaurants: What will your kids be?

We have a treat for all those of you who love watching their classes or kids entertain themselves through the power of pretend play; with an amazing set of activity sheets perfect for restaurant fun! There are 20 pages included within this pretend play pack, and it is perfect for kids from toddlers to primary age, so loads of potential to keep those little ones entertained. This is an exclusive for members of our FREE time to pee club on the site, so just sign up and it is yours. We hope you like this, and it is worth joining …

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