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Download our Halloween wordsearch and Halloween activity book today!

Hello, everyone! We’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest creation – the mini and spooky (!) fun, but educational Halloween activity book. As always, the best part is that it is completely free! Grab your Halloween tracking, Halloween wordsearch, and have loads of spooky play with the kids today!

This image is promoting a Halloween activity book for kids from, which can be downloaded for $2023.

We’ve got a few different pages within the book, there are a total of six, including the front and the back sheet. Each one gives a different Halloween themed activity for the kids:

The image shows a spelling activity where the user has to pick the correct spelling of the words and then color it.

Spellbinding spelling activities

The first page of our Halloween Activity Book is all about spelling. Kids will be introduced to Halloween-themed words like “ghost,” “pumpkin,” “hat,” and more.

They’ll learn how to spell these words by being shown two versions of the words, one of which is right.

And one of which isn’t. Get them to spot the right one to help them to learn.

The colourful illustrations and friendly characters make spelling less daunting and more enjoyable.

Which one of our Halloween characters is your favourite?

Tricky pumpkin patch tracing letters

The second page takes kids on a hauntingly fun journey of tracing letters in a simple pumpkin patch!

This activity is designed to help enhance their handwriting skills.

Each letter is presented with a Halloween twist in a pumpkin from our simple pumpkin patch.

By the end of this page, they will have practised tracing all the capital letters inside our 26 pumpkins.

Happy tracing!

The image shows a person tracing the letters "KiddyCharts" to practice writing them.
In this image, children are counting and tracing the numbers two through seven to help them learn how to write them.

Navigating numbers with number tracing

Page three is dedicated to number tracing.

Kids will love tracing the number words alongside our adorable Halloween-themed illustrations.

You can count the Halloween images, and then match up the word tracing on the page.

For example, count your eyeballs, and then trace the number four. *eeugh* 😂

This sheet is for younger children, so goes up to ten.

We’ve got everything from candy, to witches hats in the activity.

Our final page within the pack is our favourite a Halloween wordsearch to get the kids looking for all their favourite Halloween themed ideas, and monsters. How quickly can you find everything?

Halloween wordsearch wonders

The final page of our Halloween Activity Book features an exciting word search puzzle. Children will have a blast hunting for Halloween-related words hidden in a grid of letters. This activity not only entertains but also promotes concentration, word recognition, and problem-solving skills.

There are 12 words to find, and the last page within the activity book is the answer sheet of course!

Happy Halloween word hunting – we hope you love wordsearch as much as we do, and have loads of fun with the kids.

This image is a Halloween-themed word search puzzle featuring words related to the holiday such as "spider," "ghost," and "witch.".

Our Spooky Fun Educational Halloween Activity Book is more than just a compilation of activities; it’s a tool designed to make learning a delightful experience. So, get ready to embark on a thrilling educational adventure this Halloween season. Download your free copy today and let the spooky learning begin!

To download this, just click on the button and the image below, and it is yours:

This image is showing a Halloween activity book being sold for $2023 at KiddyChat and KiddyCE.

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A child is actively illustrating a Halloween-themed drawing in a coloring book.

Halloween colouring book

90% of our shop is free, and anything that isn’t is worth it! We have this awesome Halloween colouring book with over 50 fun pages to colour in for only £5.95 and 51%+ profits go to charity remember!

With lots of spooky fun, this book is sure to keep your little ones busy. From bats and pumpkins to ghosts and witches, there’s something here for everyone. They’ll have hours of creative fun as they colour in the unique designs. Why not get them started on their Halloween adventure today?

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We hope that you will come and see us again soon.

Take care

This image is offering a free download of a Halloween activity book from KiddyC in 2023.

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