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Remembrance Day is a memorial day that has been observed in Commonwealth member states since the end of the First World War. As a community we love doing our bit to remember those that have died in the line of duty and that is why we bring you Remembrance Day activities to help your kids do their bit too.

We like to bring you many activities within a post and one of the posts that we know that you will enjoy with your kids is our VE day activity pack. From wordsearches to drawing challenges, there are many activities within this activity pack to help your kids on Remembrance Day.

Why is it important for our kids to observe Remembrance Day?

It is important for kids to be aware of the significance of Remembrance Day. You can consider talking about it as a day when the war ended or talk about the more realistic aspect of the realities of war. But another way to truly make an impact for our kids is to teach them the positive aspects of it. Use this as an opportunity to teach your kids honor, respect, and history.

It is important to have our kids be aware of what happens in the world and speak to them about why it is important that we honor those that have done, and continue doing their bits to help keep us safe.

If you want more ideas why not have a look through the site and find out some inspiration to help your kids and make them aware of the importance of this day.