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Free and fabulous VE Day kids activities

Today we have some absolutely gorgeous free VE Day kids activities to give to you. These have been lovingly created by the amazing Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) charity This is a UK-based charity that supports the armed forces, veterans and families across the country. The charity has been doing so since 1919 when they first helped the 55,000 men discharged from the army due to Tuberculosis. They aim is to support those struggling to come to terms with “civvy street.” These free VE Day kids activities will help you to celebrate the 75 years since Victory in Europe, even though we can’t quite do so as we would have hoped.

Do pop over to see them and check out the Tommy in the Window commemorative figures that the veterans from their Social Enterprise have made to commemorate VE Day in lockdown. Don’t forget we have our own Make Your Own Poppy too that you can have a go at alongside these as well.

To download the pack – scroll down to the square image at the bottom of this post.

VE day kids activities

There are a number of different activities within the VE day activity pack, which help your children (or your class) to explore:

  • Understanding what it was like all those years ago for the young men that were involved in the war. Empathy is SUCH an important skill for kids to learn from an early age,
  • Spark their imagination through creativity
  • Improve problem solving skills though some of the puzzles,
  • Get scientific by baking a cake,
  • Literacy and numeracy skills, and finally
  • Get them moving through the medium of dance (!), and if you don’t know what I mean, why not scroll down and find out?

The pack contains 8 pages, so lets see what we have in store for you all….

VE Day Wordsearch

Get thinking – and see how many of the seven words you can find in this? We can see one already…promise…

VE day kids activities

VE Day drawing challenge

Why not let the kids use their imagination to see if they were allowed to have a party – what the cake or the party might look like? Kids can be SO creative, and why don’t you then share it with RBLI and KiddyCharts on Twitter? Or pop over the our Facebook group – join and share in there too!

VE Day drawing cchallenge

VE Day spot the difference

The classic – sometimes the old ones are the best right? We LOVE a good spot the difference, and have loads of other ones in all our free eBooks, so if you like them, do pop over there to check them out.

VE day kids activities

VE Day diary

Find out what it was really like on VE Day all those years ago based on this real life entry in a diary on the 8th May 1945. Just amazing…

VE Day diary

VE Day dot to dot

What do you think these dot-to-dots are showing? Get the kids to join them together, and then perhaps they can colour them in too? If your children like colouring, why not check out some of the free colouring we have on the site.

VE day kids activities

VE Day scavenger hunt

Collect all these items from around the house – and what do you think that you can can make now?!?

VE Day scavenger hunt

Make your own eggless sponge

Eggs were rationed in 1945, so how did people make cakes – this is how?! Why not get the ids to have a go, and then you’ve got a cake to celebrate VE Day too?

Weekly challenge

VE Day dance-a-long

Thanks to Medway Lindyhoppers, there is a lovely dance activity for you all to get involved in, if you practise enough you might be ready for the big day itself!

Kids dance along

That is all the fabulous resources for you so you know what you are getting.

To download just click on the square image below and the VE Day activities for kids are yours – enjoy!

VE day kids activities

Outside from the activity pack there are some great ideas on the RBLI site, including way to connect with relatives you may not have seen in a
long time. Why not get your grandparents to teach you all the the lindy hop over Zoom? And if anyone needs any pointers, RBLI have the guide above and a video tutorial from their expert dancer Elliot.

There are some great ideas here for the kids, but if you still need some activity ideas; we have loads, so do check them out as well. We all need a bit more than five minutes me time at the moment…

Other eBooks for kids

Why not check out some of the other eBooks we have on the site?

If you would like more activities focused on VE Day – do take a look at these too:

VE Day activities and resources

Some more ideas for VE Day for you from both KiddyCharts and other sites.

We hope you like these resources, and thank so much for visiting, do sign up to our newsletter.

Take care, and thanks as always,


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Jenny H Lord

Tuesday 5th of May 2020

This is fantastic! I've been looking for some VE day stuff, so this is perfect for the kids to do.

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