5 sure ways to beat baby sleep nightmares

5 sure fire ways to beat baby sleep nightmares

We all want our babies to have a good night’s sleep, but sometimes this is easier said than done. We want to make things easier for you so today we are sharing 5 sure fire ways to beat baby sleep nightmares. We’ve all been there, being dead tired and babies absolutely refusing to go to […]

by Helen • August 9, 2017
Graham and Brown has some lovely subtle colours for tween wallpaper in their range

Six tips to get Pinspiration for your kids bedroom

I am not a decorating type of gal – not really. I have the odd flash of inspiration at 3am, and then by the time I wake up, its gone, and in its place is the idea that I really must do something with that old chair my gran left me…but now I just don’t […]

by Helen • October 9, 2015

Washing socks: Sock Pixie, give my socks back and let the unicorns freeze!

Right, this is a bit of a ranting post, so be warned…even though washing socks is a fairly innocuous subject… However, this rant has to be said. And I know you agree with me. You really do. Sock pixies do exist I am fed up with the socks in this house. I put four pairs […]

by Helen • June 24, 2015

10 top tips for successful sleepovers

My children love sleepovers! They would have them every weekend and possibly other days too if I let them. Don’t get me wrong they can be a lot of fun, but I have heard of some where no-one sleeps and the children mess around for most of the night. So here are my top tips […]

by Beckie • March 5, 2015
Does your child wet the bed? Are you worried? We have some resources to help you out here....
Bedtime Linkies Parenting Tips Linky

How to help with Bedwetting

Hello everyone – and welcome (only just) to 2015! I hope you have all survived the holiday season, we are here very early for our monthly parenting tips linky, and this month, as we going to be pulling together some of those posts that talk about bedwetting for you all. For children, and parents, this […]

by Helen • January 2, 2015
childhood nightmares

Parenting tales from the sofa – dealing with childhood nightmares

In this week’s parenting tales from the sofa, I chat to Beckie Whitehouse of about how to deal with childhood nightmares.  Childhood nightmares can be a common occurence and how we deal with them can either allay or heighten their fears. Both my own children have experienced fears at bedtime including their worries about […]

by September 17, 2014

Dealing with a child who leaves their bed during the night

I have one of these who leaves his bed somewhere in the early hours simply because he would prefer to be in our bed. Mostly we do try and take him back to his bed and: • reassure him if he is scared • tell him we can hear him and to call us if […]

by Beckie • June 25, 2014
Bedtime routine: Make it positive

Five steps to a positive bedtime routine for kids

As my daughter has got older, her worries have become more pronounced. I have written about her anxieties on the blog before, and we have tried to alleviate them with various methods within our bedtime routine, from posters to help them take flight, to worry stones that she can use to “take her worries away” […]

by Helen • May 13, 2014
Stay in Bed: How to

Tips to get your child to stay in bed for all those desperate parents out there!

It’s a cry we hear from mums of toddlers all over the country, and indeed the world; my toddler won’t stay in bed! I have experienced it with both my children, first when they moved from a cot to a bed, and then when they were older when they just decided that staying in bed […]

by Helen • March 11, 2014
Pacifier use: Picture

Parenting Snapshots #9: Pacifier Use – Giving up that Dummy

This week in our parenting snapshots, we are chatting to Kate Barlow from the Parent Consultancy about pacifier use, or using the dummy as they call it in the UK. Many parents have tried to give their child a pacifier; we did with your little boy in fact. For some babies, it works well, but […]

by Helen • December 4, 2013