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Planning the best kids sleepover

When it comes to children, one of the things they look forward to the most is sleepovers with their friends. It’s an opportunity for them to see their buddies outside of school and have hours of uninterrupted fun. As parents, it’s a time we sometimes dread because not only do we have to care for our own children, we now have to care for somebody else’s. But if you get planning the best kids sleepover right then the day/night can be seamless and easy.

Planning the best kids sleepover

I’ve put together some of my top tips for planning the best kids’ sleepover ever, making it fun for not only them, but you as well.

Start with the bedroom

Planning the best kids sleepover

The time where they’ll likely want to spend the least, but you need to ensure that the bedroom their staying in is ready. There’s some brilliant beds out there that not only give your child a home at night but there’s also a pullout bed underneath for when they have guests staying the night. Guest beds from Bed Guru have a pullout option underneath for you to use. You could also consider bunk beds if you have friends staying over on a regular basis.

This gives your child’s friend somewhere comfy to stay whilst they’re at your home. You’ll also need to ensure their room is nice and tidy because it can very quickly become chaotic!

Think about food

Slice of white bread.

One of the most important things to get right is the food. It’s always best to check with your child’s friends’ parents to see if they have any dietary requirements or allergies before they come round. You need to give them something they’ll enjoy that’s also healthy at the same time. Don’t treat them like they’re at an army camp though, so make sure they do get a few sweet treats along the way! It’s also likely they’ll need breakfast the next day, so something like toast or cereal always goes down well.

Plan an activity

Boy playing football.

Let them burn out all that saved up energy by giving them an activity to do. Anything from hide and seek, a treasure hunt or an evening out bowling will let them burn off some energy. It’s also fun for them but keeps them occupied so you can relax for a bit. Taking them out of the house also keeps your house tidy at the same time. It’s also a great way to get active and if all your family are there, get them out for some fresh air too.

Game time

Planning the best kids sleepover

Whether you take them out for an activity or not, it’s always a good idea to plan some games for when they’re at home. If they’re of a more mature age, then something like monopoly means you can get involved too! For younger children, this is where hide and seek may be a good idea! Just make sure you set some ground rules, so you don’t find them hiding somewhere in your bedroom. Once you’ve worn them out with games, put a film on to finish the night off. Something like Frozen or Lion King always goes down a treat!

Hopefully by then, they’ll be more than ready to head to bed. I hope you’ve found my tips on planning the best kids sleepover useful, if you have any other suggestions then feel free to comment below! It’s always great to hear what tips other parents have, especially when it comes to the art of perfecting the sleepover. We all dread the I’m Bored mantra when it is just our own kids, it can be even worse when other people’s kids are saying it too! 😂

If you are still struggling with activities for the kids – they what about some of our very own colouring from KiddyCharts to help keep them entertained while they are with you?

Colouring sheets for a Sleepover

Some colouring sheet ideas to use when you have a sleepover to keep the kids quiet for oh - at least five minutes!

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Planning the best kids sleepover

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