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Ever wondered what to do at home with your children? As a mom, we’re sure that you’ve been faced with this problem. KiddyCharts has the answer with a full range of free home activities for children, including arts and craft projects, educational activities, sensory activities and more. With more than a hundred free and fun home activities to choose from you’ll be able to keep your kids busy during holidays and weekends. No more bored children stuck in front of the TV! Just select a free activity below to get started

Are you looking for fun science experiments for kids? Mr Shaha's Recipes For Wonder has 5 fun activities to do with kids that explore the wonderful science. Today I would like to share Jelly baby wave machine, a recipe for wonder from Mr Shaha.
Free Activities For Kids

Science experiments for kids: Jelly Baby wave machine

Are you looking for fun science experiments for kids? We love encouraging kds to have fun with science, so we would like to share a Jelly baby wave machine with you today! (This post contains affiliate links). We are surrounded by waves all the time, whether we know it or not. Sunlight is made up of […]

by Helen • March 19, 2018
This is one of those simple, gorgeous rainbow crafts that is so easy to do, you wonder why you haven't done it before. The kids will love it, and the basic tools; rice, a bag, and a few cotton balls, shouldn't be hard to find either. It is a wonderful sensory activity too thanks to the coloured rice.
Free Activities For Kids

Simple rainbow crafts for kids: Rainbow rice funtime!

Today we have made this fun and bright rainbow artwork made out of coloured rice and cotton balls. This is a great activity for brightening up your day especially on a cold rainy day! This activity is great for children to learn their colours as well as being a fun sensory activity as they make […]

by Helen • January 18, 2018
Free Activities For Kids

Nature painting for toddlers

Today we are making nature painting using different materials that we have found outside. Instead of using paintbrushes we have used a feather, stick and various different leaves. This makes for different textures and patterns on the paper and makes the activity more interesting than normal painting! It also means that half the fun is […]

by Helen • November 22, 2017
20 Inspirational Kids Movie Quotes
Free Activities For Kids

Top 20 Inspirational Quotes from kids’ movies

Sometimes all that is needed to switch your mood from bad to good, or to give you that well needed push is a good inspirational quote. Kids movies are often full of wisdom, so it’s no wonder you can find a bunch of great quotes in them. We are sharing Top 20 Inspirational Quotes for […]

by Helen • September 20, 2017
Five ways to have fun with water play for kids.
Free Activities For Kids

Five ways to have fun with water play

Summer is here so we have come up with five different water play activities to keep your toddlers cool and entertained on those sunny days. 1. Add Ice! First why not simply add some ice to the water; it not only keeps the water extra cold but adds a great sensory dimension and is fun […]

by Helen • August 30, 2017
50+ fun screen free activities for boys
Free Activities For Kids

50+ screen free activities for boys

Do you have young boys (or indeed girls of course) at home that either want to spend their time behind the telly or their tablet? Or they are constantly saying they are bored? Well we have gathered some amazing ideas for screen free activities for boys and girls so that they can step away from […]

by Helen • July 28, 2017
50 cool films every kid must see before they grow up
Free Activities For Kids

50 films every kid must see before they grow up

The BFG, The Lion King and Up! have been named as three of the films all children should watch before the age of 11, according to a new list compiled by leading film industry experts. The guide to the 50 films every child should see before they grow up has been created by film education charity Into Film, […]

by Helen • July 12, 2017
Five awesome tips to keep kids learning with educational screen time
Free Activities For Kids

Five tips to keep kids learning with educational screen time

The summer holidays are almost upon us, and six weeks (or more) is a very long time. Keeping children occupied can be exhausting and expensive – and even the best of us will resort to screen time in the quest for a quiet life. Screen time battles are every parent’s bugbear – but what if […]

by Angie Shatford • July 7, 2017
Fun flower activity for toddlers
Free Activities For Kids

Flower activity for toddlers

Today we have been enjoying some sunshine, and have made this flower activity for toddlers and preschoolers. In this activity, the children can take the petals on and off the flower. This is great for practicing fine motor skills, counting and hand-eye co-ordination. Older children can help to make this by helping with the cutting, […]

by Helen • June 20, 2017
Bookbeat audiobooks made my reluctant reader smile - can't you see?
Free Activities For Kids

5 reasons why Audiobooks are perfect for active kids and reluctant readers

Sometimes it’s hard to get my wee boy to read – he just doesn’t sit still for long enough. He is very much one of those classic reluctant readers. He is so active, there is almost always seems to be something better to do. He’d rather kick a football, jump on a trampoline, watch a spider […]

by Helen • June 16, 2017