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Disciplining children can be a difficult road to navigate. As parents and caregivers we tend to doubt ourselves and our methods. What is effective isn’t always what is popular, and what is popular isn’t always what is effective. Do you have doubts when it comes your parenting style? What’s a parenting style anyway and why are there so many?

Don’t worry. We understand your concerns as they tend to be quite universal. That’s why we want to let you know that we have content to guide you through this process.

Positive parenting

Do you know that there is something called “Positive Parenting”? It’s not what you may think. We discuss positive parenting with you to help you learn more about this popular parenting method. Take a look at some of the posts on positive parenting;


Unfortunately, children hitting is a common issue amongst a lot of parents. At some point or another you will find your kids hitting each other or fighting with other kids at school. What about when it’s your cute little toddler that is doing the hitting?

We have worked with various parenting experts in the past that have contributed their knowledge to our posts. Do take a look and we hope you find some useful advice to help you through the process of disciplining children, whether it’s your kids or your students.