Disciplining your children

Yelling at kids - we all do it, and wish that we didn't. I want to stop; and here are the reasons why, and how you to can do it!
Disciplining your children

I want to stop yelling at the kids

It’s been one of those weeks….and when we have one of those week’s the inevitable almost always happens. Yelling at the kids becomes something that, though I am trying not to do, it sneaks in during those stressful moment. We all have them – I felt particularly hassled about work, the social media course I am […]

by Helen • April 21, 2015
Toddler hitting: How can we deal with it?
Disciplining your children

Toddler hitting: 11 tips to help you

Have the days gone when you seen your son or daughter as a little angel and instead, in their place is a little monster who hits and lashes out? Well, you may be surprised to know that anger and aggression, which leads to toddler hitting, is a normal part of a child’s development. It is […]

by Maria Albertsen • October 18, 2012
Quality time: Do we need to do more of it?
Disciplining your children

Quality time: What does Oliver James’ “Love Bombing” technique say about our parenting?

Step away from this if you don’t want to read me being a bit serious for a change…! It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does it’s usually worth paying a little bit of attention to I promise….I have read a lot recently about the Love Bombing technique from Oliver James. Not least on our blog […]

by Helen • October 17, 2012
Keep calm: particularly when the kids are not....
Disciplining your children

Keep calm: 10 top tips for keeping your head when the kids start….

Calm – that’s me – on a good day. I always keep calm…. I would love to write yes that’s me CALM,  I have that one sussed. The truth is sometimes I do and I amaze myself at my unflapableness and other times it’s not quite there (or anywhere nearby). So here are my top […]

by Beckie • October 16, 2012
Toddler Tantrums - Ignoring them can work well in public if you can survive!
Disciplining your children

Public Toddler Tantrums: 5 top tips for staying sane

For some reason this topic makes me feel uncomfortable! However, we’ve all been there and have all had to deal with them. KiddyCharts have track reward charts which can help you too. Everytime you go out and your child doesn’t have a toddler tantrum; they can move on one space along their track by colouring in a shape. […]

by Maria Albertsen • October 11, 2012
Keep calm when the baking goes wrong...
Disciplining your children

Keep calm: And perhaps the kids will too?

I AM CALM. Keep calm when things go wrong; then perhaps the kids will do the same…its OK, in theory… I faced a new challenge today…the baking of mini Christmas cakes!  For the school fair.  Something I really have never done before. I’m not very keen on the cake myself, so don’t tend to make […]

by Beckie • October 9, 2012
Love Bombing: Intense Family Time
Disciplining your children

Love bombing; Is this the answer to temper tantrums?

A bit of a roller coaster weekend – with the usual activities plus some visitors from the states. But it was a tantrum filled one; perhaps we should start “love bombing”….let me explain… The kids are shattered at the moment the younger one particularly as he has just finished his second week of full days […]

by Beckie • October 2, 2012
Calming children displaying disrespectful behaviour
Disciplining your children

4 Ways to Calmly Manage Disrespectful Children

Sometimes it seems like kids feel entitled to talk back and be disrespectful children. They often don’t want to listen to parents, saying, “You can’t tell me what to do!” This causes friction in the household and makes mum and dad feel anxious and frustrated. To help, when you feel your kids aren’t listening; you […]

by Helen • August 20, 2012
Consistency in parenting are you both singing from the same hymn sheet?
Disciplining your children

Consistency in parenting: Does it really matter?

We are tackling consistency in parenting today in a slightly unusual way for us. However, I thought that our resident agony aunt, may be able to give some advice to Welsh Mum about the differences between her two children as one tends to tantrum and the other is relatively easy. So here is an open letter […]

by Maria Albertsen • August 16, 2012
Playing the Clarinet
Disciplining your children

Positive Parents: A bit of belief and practise goes a long way….

We always try to be positive parents with our children; that way they can be more positive too… The last few days have been our daughter’s show case. On Thursday, the boys and I, armed with cheddars, cereal bars and a packet of Haribos each, sat through the music club concert and their sister’s rendition […]

by Helen • July 10, 2012