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Here at KiddyCharts we believe wholeheartedly that all children are special. Which is why we have a section dedicated to children with special needs. From helping you with advice for kids with special needs to giving you tips on what to do when your special needs kids are stuck indoors and need entertainment. Take a look at what we have for you on the site.

Many kids are too young to understand special needs kids and what their needs are. Sometimes school kids can be a bit cruel or just not know how to treat a special needs child. What if a sibling needs to understand more about their brother or sister and you don’t know how to explain things? It is certainly a delicate and sensitive topic.

Our post on how to explain autism to children can help you bring light to this topic in a caring and thoughtful way. And if you need help understanding a bit more about your child or the children you care for why not print out our activity on how to help your kids recognise their emotions?

Here are just a few more posts that you can find and that we know will guide you on your journey.

We want you to know that we are here for you through every step of the way and will always be commited to bringing you more tips for each stage of your parenting journey.

Have a browse of the site and find some lovely activities for your kids, too!